Bringing a drone to Belize?

Posted By: PDXtoBZE

Bringing a drone to Belize? - 09/21/16 04:39 PM

I would like to get some feedback from other members who can advise me. I will be coming to Belize at the end of October and really want to take my drone in order to capture our vacation through aerial video/photography. Is there a special permit I need to apply for and or register my drone before using it? Will customs at the International airport confiscate my drone or is it not a big deal since it isn't an item I am importing, simply bringing on vacation. I am well aware that there are many local flights in Belize and so flying a drone is something I take very seriously and cautiously, I only fly it within line of sight and only to photograph/video of us and the surrounding environment. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Posted By: NevadaJoe

Re: Bringing a drone to Belize? - 09/21/16 05:31 PM

To import you need a permit which I recently applies for.

Last week I was informed that there was a moratorium on temporary imports by non residents. I could not get a straight answer on imports by residents.

Here is a link to the civil aviation administration contacts page.

I was speaking with Ms. Bautista. You may want to drop her a note.

If you are discovered bringing a a drone without a permit in they will impound it and return it when you leave the country. Or at least this is what they are saying.............
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Re: Bringing a drone to Belize? - 09/22/16 08:32 PM

Thanks for your input NevadaJoe. I reached out to the Aviation authority and received a reply from Ms. Bautista, there is in fact a moratorium and it also applies to Belizeans. I happen to be Belizean/American dual citizen and I was informed/advised against bringing the drone as Customs will confiscate it and return it upon my departure if I do bring it. Guess I will stick with my hand held goPro this time around. Maybe when I am in Belize I will look into trying to get a permit and if I do then next vacation I will take my drone.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Bringing a drone to Belize? - 09/22/16 08:39 PM

I think some rude droners ruined it for others.....
Glad you are planning on coming down repeatedly!
Posted By: PDXtoBZE

Re: Bringing a drone to Belize? - 09/23/16 04:04 PM

Thanks Diane! I do plan on coming repeatedly, hopefully once or twice a year. It has been way too long, the last time I was in Belize was in 02. I do plan on making a move there eventually, although not permanently. I can see myself living there part of the year....I love the Pacific Northwest and although it rains a lot it is very beautiful here. I have family and friends in Belize, some have their businesses in San Pedro and I do miss the laid back lifestyle of Belize in General.
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