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Sunsets... - 05/08/01 08:15 PM

For me, sunsets are one of the best things about being on the water. Is there a certain place where people go to watch the sunset? When I was in Hawaii and Key West, everyone went to one particular pier to see this beautiful ceremony of the sun.
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/08/01 08:44 PM

sorry, the beach faces the east. get up early for the beautiful sunrises!
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/08/01 08:46 PM

actually, i believe "the thing" to do for sunsets is to see them on a catamaran. anyone?
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/08/01 10:28 PM

Isn't the three story bar called The Yacht Club? Just south of the airport, With what seemed the highest elavation on the island I thought it was terrific. What about... my wife and I & some friends bicycled south of town about 4-5 miles[ About 1+ miles south of Caribe Island resort] brought a pic nic and sat on an old dock just past the round house that is tumped over from the hurricane. Is the road passable easily now? I went back in Jan, and while the road was passable it was really a single track for bike walk only. From that spot the sunset was clearly totally visible to the SW .
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/08/01 10:37 PM

try the rooftop at the Belizean Reef
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/08/01 10:43 PM

The sun doesn't set over the water, it sets over the mainland. I'm with Jane on the spectacular sunrises! I have many pictures of those. I think sunsets are harder to come by, unless you plan on being on the back side of the island, out on the water or up high when the sun sets. There are a few places with rooftop decks where you can see west, Seven Seas has one. Many times when we did make the extra effort to watch the sunset it seemed like there was a cloud layer over the mainland, blocking the last 20 minutes of sunset, so the sun setting was not nearly as awesome as the sun rising! Isn't that a ceremony of the sun as well?!
Belize it!
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/08/01 11:11 PM

the only time I saw a sunset was coming back from the trip to Lamanai but it was breathtaking-Daniel stopped the boat so we all could take pictures. prior to leaving for our vacation I had read in a guide book that the place to go to see the sunset was the roof of the Casablanca Hotel. when we got to AC and asked where it was we were told the hotel no longer existed. we were up often early enough to catch the sunrises and I agree-they were beautiful. good luck.
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/08/01 11:37 PM

swyflo..get in touch w/our friend Hilly Boo, he is a guide/fisherman etc...tell him Rick and I sent you (pirate dude) he knows us...anyhow, tell him that you want to see a Belizean Sunset....he will hook you up!! We got some great pics, but it does go down on the lagoon side...his # is 014-9515 or 3272!!!C
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/09/01 12:16 AM

from the people perch at Caribbean Villas also, a great place to watch the sky at night, the sunset, or once i was lucky enough to be there when a comet was visible for quite awhile, one of the big ones...

its a wooden structure designed to look down onto the littoral forest.
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/09/01 04:11 AM

Marty...thanks for your info. I was jotting down Cheri's contact and saw your message. Dell and I will be staying at the Carribean Villa's the latter part of the month. We will sure check out your advice...thanks again!
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/09/01 03:29 PM

Lucky for me I'm staying at Seven Seas, so maybe I can catch one from the rooftop deck! If not, I'll enjoy the sunrise just as much!
Thanks, Susan
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/09/01 05:58 PM

Hey!!! Didn't Barefoot say he offers sunset cruises???? I emailed him about the cost, and never heard from him... Anyone know anything about this????
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/09/01 06:05 PM

That would be so wonderful! Does anyone know details?
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/09/01 07:02 PM

I have to say the most beautiful and intense sunsets I have ever seen have been on Cozumel. We stayed at a resort right in front of Palancar Reef and it was amazing. I got some great photos of it. But sunset over the jungle and lagoon is also very beautiful all along the Yucatan Peninsula. You can feel the Mayan Magic. So peaceful! I can't wait to get to Belize.
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/09/01 10:32 PM


Check your e-mail. Sorry we went away for a couple of days to Lighthouse Reef. Slept on Half Moon Caye and caught an 80 lb. Grouper. This is the type of trip we are working on offering our clients. Check us out at:, on the beach between Island Academy and BYC or our new location in town, next to Belize Bank.
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/09/01 11:23 PM

I got the email. Thanks so very much. It's just what we're looking for. We'll call you to reserve our dinner cruise when we arrive. Will get with Munichchick about the night snorkel. Sounds awesome!!! So does the 80 lb gouper!! That is my favorite fish. I hear one of the restaurants in San Pedro makes stuffed grouper. I'm going to have to find it.
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/09/01 11:37 PM

Of course there are sunsets -- just not the Hawaii kind. I have a heart stopping picture I took from the end of the dock at Hustler's. The sun had dipped below the trees and buildings but the rays penetrate the sky like spokes in a bike.

If you want pictures of the sunrise you have to be fast. That perfect light only last a minute. Find the place you want to be, be there at least 10 minutes before and be ready. I could only get off two shots each morning, but two of them are hanging here in my office.

Good luck.
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/10/01 02:08 AM

Barefoot, I tried your website link and it wouldn't ever come up. Just making sure that it was printed right. I wanted to check out what you offer.
Thanks, Susan
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/10/01 03:15 AM

Swayflo..saw the most beautiful sunset on the pier out in front of the Seven Seas.. doing some fishing off the docks (for fun, mostly, no catches!). Very beautiful! Have fun.
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/10/01 04:18 AM

Just a word from a diver..hope you all don't get offended..but everytime I hear someone talk about catching a big grouper I think of all the fun I had while diveing...
One of the most fun parts was haveing several large groupers follow us like big puppy dogs....I know its bound to happen..and people need to just makes me sad to think another one of my undersea buddies ended up as dinner :-(

Whats really ironic is I use to run a Sport fish boat in Maryland..killed many many fish in my I have no room to to judge...I just hope he was tasty. Would be such a waste if he was'nt..tell me he/she was the best you ever had...I'll feel better...
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Re: Sunsets... - 05/11/01 12:03 AM

When one grows up raising your own food you learn to love the critter then thank god for the abundance and fill your belly. NO GUILT!
On my last day of diving in Sipadan I came around a big table coral face to face with a 5' Tuna. My 1st thought was "Boy, I'll bet he would tast good." My second thought was to get his picture - but alas - too late.
In January in A/C Ched did a Bar-B-Que on the beach. Most were yellow tail snapper, but we had one Baracuda. Yummy!
Yes I love to dive with them and still I love to eat them.
The American Indians had a saying I like to put into practice: "Never take all the members of one family." They also thank the ones they don't take for giving them the ones they do.
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