Palapa Bar Phoenix Rising from the Caribbean Sea

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Palapa Bar Phoenix Rising from the Caribbean Sea - 11/16/16 01:21 PM

Palapa Bar Phoenix Rising from the Caribbean Sea

The Palapa Bar and Grill has risen from the ashes a few times over the years. With each renewal and resurrection owners Scott and Jodie Harnish manage to bring it back stronger and better than ever. Hurricane Earl was monumental when their entire building was decimated by the storm.

Scott and Jodie worked very hard to preserve what is the original Palapa. They want to carry on the tradition and ambiance leaving everyone with fun and happy memories. Live, Laugh, Love and continue to make life long friends along the way and make Isla Bonita a destination for all that come.

With ample open air seating with unobstructed views of the reef and cool breezes for patrons, featuring a completely rebuilt bar, brand new kitchen, and new GIANT Palapa roof, The Palapa Bar and Grill with hand cut timbers is more beautiful than ever before. So many people stepped up to help the dynamic duo through this challenging time and keep them on track for success. Local Belizean contractor Isael Juchim dedicated himself along with his crew and has been on the job sight everyday seven days a week. Scott and Jodie maintained all the staff since the hurricane, preserving local jobs for many families. Staff were given an opportunity by Isael to become tradesman and help in the reconstruction. Marcial Flores stepped up and held the team together of bartenders, cooks, and dish washers in the rebuild process. All employees will continue as invaluable staff.

Sunday, November 20th marks the day of the huge Palapa Bar grand reopening party. Join Scott, Jodie and their amazing staff for a well deserved cheers to celebrate the return of The Palapa Bar and Grill to Boca Del Rio.

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Panorama of the new Palapa Bar from the west side, facing east.

Screw you, Earl, the Palapa Bar is back and better than ever

Hurricane Earl destroyed a lot of livelihoods when it ran down the coast of Ambergris Caye, here in Belize, tearing out piers like stubble on the end of a razor.

At least temporarily.

So many docks have been rebuilt, so many businesses were quickly up and running again within days of the terrible storm.

But none has been more anticipated and welcomed back from its watery grave than the Palapa Bar & Grill on Boca del Rio.

That happened on Sunday.

In a little over 114 days, the iconic island watering hole went from sea-soaked kindling to this new, expansive super-iconic beach bar.

Fans, family and friends came out on Sunday to help Scott and Jodi Harnish celebrate this new beginning, their third in less than a year.

It was the end of 2015 when the Palapa moved from its original pinions in the Tres Cocos neighborhood. It had taken years for Scott and Jody to turn the original Palapa from a sweaty drug and hooker den into the islandís most and iconic popular bar ó inviting to locals, expats and visitors alike.

This came out during the grand re-opening of the Palapa Bar & Grill in San Pedro, Belize on Sunday. Weather, in the form of Hurricane Earl, took away the Palapa and weather it seems is bestowing its blessing on the newly rebuilt bar.

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Congrats, so glad they're back...........Brown paint should be banned from the island frown
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