Tiburon Rum

Posted By: Rob S.

Tiburon Rum - 12/19/16 11:35 AM

Good morning everyone. Will be down in a few weeks and looking for some advice. I am planning on bringing home a couple bottles of Tiburon Rum. I would like to have it packed in our checked luggage before leaving the island instead of buying it duty free on the way home and having to repack after clearing customs in US before making our connecting flight. I figure it's probably cheaper at the airport when we first arrive in Belize than on the island, but is it cheaper at the duty free in the baggage claim area, or the duty free in the departure lounge before we catch our Tropic Air flight. Thanks for the help. Can't wait to get out of the freezing temps here!
Posted By: Noelle

Re: Tiburon Rum - 12/19/16 12:02 PM

Buy it in the baggage claim area. You can't buy duty free in the departure lounge without a boarding pass on to an international flight.
Posted By: BASIL324

Re: Tiburon Rum - 12/19/16 01:52 PM

You can buy Tiburon rum at The Got Rum store in San Pedro it's cheaper then the airport. Ask for Miguel
Posted By: Rob S.

Re: Tiburon Rum - 12/19/16 04:13 PM

I was searching on line, do you mean the Want Rum? Got It store? Is it on middle street? I don't remember seeing it before, what other businesses would it be near?

Also when I thought about it, I don't want to buy it in baggage claim at BZE either because I'd still have to repack it before checking in with Tropic since I couldn't go through security with it in my carry on.

Thank you all again.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Tiburon Rum - 12/19/16 07:26 PM

Across from Greenhouse on Middle Street.
Also consider some Romope. It is SO good.
Posted By: Noelle

Re: Tiburon Rum - 12/19/16 11:35 PM

When you buy in baggage claim they walk it out to your Tropic flight and hand it to you as you board the plane.
Posted By: Rob S.

Re: Tiburon Rum - 01/24/17 09:26 PM

Just wanted to post a follow up now that we're back home from our visit. The Want Rum Got It was much cheaper than any of the duty free stores at the airport. And Diane was right about the rompope. Wow. Ended up bringing back bottles of that in addition to the Tiburon and a bottle of Don Omario. Thanks all for your help.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Tiburon Rum - 01/25/17 05:19 AM

The store Rob refers to is the outlet for the distillery itself. Traveller's Liquors. For visitors who need directions, it's on Middle Street across from Greenhouse.
There is also an outlet and tasting room on the northern highway in Belize City.
Glad you liked the rumpope!
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