**WE'RE BACK!!***

Posted By: Ken & Lynne

**WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/16/01 11:01 PM

Just woke up 4pm... Had the craziest dream last night?? dreamt Lynne and I went down to San Pedro C.A. and met all these wild, crazy, wonderful people.....where am I??? Lynne is listening to Punta music with Belizian coffee and dancing???? my hair is bleached... body is tan and wearing no shoes.

Is there really a Becky, Laurie, Rich, Mickey, Jessica, Annabelle,-- Denverdan, Hope, Annie and Maggie, Bill T., Gela, Wanker-he's no ordinary dog, Papi, Pasiano, Barefoot Skinny, Eyebrow Licker? couple from Chile, couple from Switzerland... family from Sweden...Maria Elena...??? so much fun..laughs...and more laughs

Slowly waking up...OH NO MON...were the police really involved? "Hey don't look at the lights!" "Hey Becky!" "Hey Laurie!" Too many pools... not enough sprite! What- there's photos involved here??
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/16/01 11:45 PM

I'm so glad you two made it home safely, we are going back next year same time same place, same dog, same face, same beer, no fear, be there or be square. Ok, I'm no poet and I know it. Welcome back you two. I had the best time you guys really made the trip. Next year, REUNION, lots of cerveza. You need a trip report now and you can leave out all the parts about Ken getting ________, hee, hee.
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 12:02 AM

Hey guys! That must have been one hell of a dream!
Posted By: Gela

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 01:23 AM

Welcome back Ken and Lynne! I'm still in a state of denial about being back to the ole grind. It was great meeting you both. Did you ever get over to that other island you wanted to check out?
Posted By: ronmyway

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 03:16 AM

Allright, Lynne and Ken, you made it! I was beginning to worry that you might have gone over the edge. Oops, I guess you did. (As Becky says, "hee hee"--we're going to have to get Mikki on this board)
Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 05:12 AM

We're moving rather slow today...island pace.
Took our pictures in tonight...(liability insurance!!!!!) hehe

Took Belikin over to neighbor taking care of he wants to go!

Did make it to the Blue Hole!!! that's a story in itself...(lawyers...I mean sharks everywere!)

Lynne and I were dropped off, at our request, to mosquito infested island, while dive boat was taking their last dive, we were praying for the their quick return. Now we know where Mosquito Coast was filmed.
Posted By: denverdan

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 05:30 AM

Hi Lynn and Ken,
It was very nice meeting you! Glad you had a great time, too bad about those dang bugs!

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Posted By: Mikki

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 05:36 AM

WOW! I had a great time in San Pedro! It took me three days to get sober and I wake up each morning giggling! You guys were great! I haven't had that much fun since ...........ever! I know everyone will be excited to hear that I have the photos! Some are more incriminating than others. Becky you look so graceful swinging on the vines. Your dismount was an 8! Yes, I have photos of Ken getting ______! And Richard ____ _____! Who wants to start the bidding?
Posted By: ronmyway

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 05:55 AM

Hey! who let her on the message board?!
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 05:44 PM

Hey Mikki: good to hear from you! That was the best vacation I have EVER had too! So glad to have met you. We had a blast. Who's up for a repeat next May?

Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 05:55 PM

Thanks Mikki, Rich, Ken & Lynne, Laurie for the laughs. See you all in May. Be there or be square. Anybody else on the board who's interested, join the party.

P.S. Mikki, hope your pal is ok, tell her I said hello.
Posted By: diann

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 06:25 PM

sheeesh you guys!! sounds like you had more fun den well, i won't go dere, but i guess i didn't realize life could be sooo good!! got me kinda worried bout going; like maybe dey'll have to prozac me when i return to deal wit life in dis here colorado! life is good, but sounds to me like you hung in a state of ecstasy!!! man, oh man, i gotta get dere!! gonna borrow dennmans line......
'can we see pix' of ________ and ________ __________?!?!? lol....

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Posted By: lmarquis

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/17/01 06:28 PM

Diann: You better belize it, we had a blast. You will too!!
Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: **WE'RE BACK!!*** - 05/18/01 05:22 AM

Mikki- what's this Ken & Rich business, you forget I also had a camera too????? he he..
Did you get pica pica?????
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