Newbie Questions

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Newbie Questions - 05/18/01 08:59 PM

Hi Yaíll,

A newbie here Ė Iíve enjoyed reading and searching this board. Now I have a few questions that I couldnít find answers to. Iím planning a trip from June 20/21 to July 3 (alone, alas) staying at the Seven Seas. However, they canít take me until the 23rd, so I was wondering about staying until then for 2-3 nights at Rubieís. 1. Can anyone tell me (a) how loud it is in the evenings Ė Iím cursed with being a very light sleeper, (b) is there a way to get ice in the room to have cold water/drinks (Iím assuming they donít have a fridge), and (c) if it would be too hot at that time to get a room with a fan rather than air?

2. Are any of you going to be there during that timeframe?

3. Being a rather shy female alone, how difficult do you think it would be to meet
people to do things with and hang out?

4. Iíve seen reference to June being a rainy season Ė is this true and how bad? Going alone, this trip is way too expensive to spend rained-in somewhere. Iíve wanted to go for years, and after reading this board and how much everyone loves the place, I definitely MUST go Ė I do have flexibility as to when Ė just not before 6/20.

5. How bad are the mosquitoes that time of year? If you are going to be there, you definitely want to hang out with me Ė Iím the best bug repellant youíll find Ė they swarm me and leave everyone else alone!

Thanks so much for any and all help!!
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Re: Newbie Questions - 05/18/01 09:57 PM

I hear nothing but good reports about Rubies, and think it would be a good place to mingle and meet like minded travelers. As a light sleeper, I have really good luck using earplugs. Try them at home and see if you can get used to them, they can come in handy in many situations involving flimsy walls. The cheapies at walgreens come like a dozen pair for$5. Sign up for a tour or two early in your trip and see if any likely new buddies appear. On the water, i have had ni trouble with skeeters or bugs in general. I admire your adventurousness.

As for Ac, what's your budget?
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Re: Newbie Questions - 05/18/01 10:05 PM

I Girl,
Ear plugs are a must (I stayed at the Holiday, right next door to Rubies). Ken and Lynne can tell you more since that's where they stayed.
Not to worry about being shy. Something in the Beliken will attract friends for life. Prescription: Just drink two in the morning and with meals, and you are off to the party!!!!!
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Re: Newbie Questions - 05/18/01 10:31 PM

Hola Island Girl!

Welcome! First, let me tell you- don't worry about going alone. I went alone and had friends before I even got to my hotel...I was invited to happy hour while I still had my backpack on!

I'm going to be there June 29th to July 5th (I'm trying not to acknowledge the reality of it just yet, as the anticipation could be torture).

I stayed at Ruby's this past March when I was there and I loved it. I thought it was noisier in the morning than at night, but then again, I came in very late and passed out as soon as head hit my moth ball smelling pillow (it's a good moth ball smell). Also, I kind of liked the early morning wake up call, as there is nothing nicer than Ruby's coffee on the balcony with a hangover.

I was alittle hot in the one room I stayed in becasue it was very small with only one window and I was on the street side. My last few nights I was in a bigger room on the beach side and had two windows, the breeze was perfect for sleeping and I was not hot at all. Then again, I don't even know what we are in for with June/July temperatures.

I'm going to stay at Ruby's for a portion of my return visit, provided there are rooms available. You really can't beat the price and it's very clean. You meet some really friendly people at the picnic tables; we would all meet up there around dinner, have a few beers, and see where everyone was going that night.

You are going to have a great time!! Report back when you decide what you are going to do.
Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/19/01 02:40 AM

Islandgirl -
Rubies or Rubys -saw it spelled both ways.
Yes, we'd recommend Rubys, but take note, it's very basic, but with atmosphere. Also, the employees keep it very clean. We made a special friend, Maria, who kept our room clean. (If you stay there please say hi for us!!!)(also hotel has been owned by a local family for 30 years). We met the most interesting people there, also half the people staying there are extensively traveling and only passing through for a few days or are serious divers, who go to bed early, for the sun comes up at 5:30 and it is very hot by 7:00 am, so you won't stay in bed for long.

It is not loud, but we had an occational tourist coming back and passing out in chairs on the decks, all part of the atmosphere.

Rich had a bar and music below him at Holiday next door so it was louder, but that didn't go on very long.

The loudest night we had was on a Friday when across the street some locals decided to have a head banger party.

Make sure you get an ocean side rm second or third floor, for the breeze - the back rooms are hot with no wind at all. Each rm has a fan, but we did'nt use it, there are also four nicer rms with air for $60 night.
Also - there's a great little deli with coffee and sweet rolls in the morning and a good lunch following - all at a good price, leaving you money left to buy drinks for your new found friends. Have a great time!!

Lynne said she would feel very safe staying there alone. They have a security guard on duty everynight.
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/19/01 03:26 AM

Can't tell you about Rubie's(Ruby's), but we stayed at Seven Seas last September,and you will love it! Others have great things to say about Rubies,and the earplugs are a good idea, however, after a full day in the sun and a few Belikins under your belt, you will probably sleep like someone who has had a full day in the sun and a few Belikins under your belt!(Sorry,my attempt at humor,you will sleep well!)As far as ice goes, we always take a collapsable cooler and fill it with ice and brew if there is no fridge. You will have a wonderful time..I went with my hubby, mother and sister,but I would have no qualms about going solo..many wonderful people,the friendliest native AC'ers ever. Not sure about the rain, but can tell you that September was wonderful, weather do risk the hurricane season,but we lucked out. is tropical, but we took Benadryl cream,pills,an my favorite bug remedy, Rhuligel(expensive,but worth it!) Have a great time.
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Re: Newbie Questions - 05/19/01 04:19 AM

There will always be someone sitting at the bar at the Holiday Hotel, right next door. The bartenders are Oscar and'll meet friends there. And be sure to go to the Palapa, if you can on Sunday's a GREAT time, Jam session, you'll meet lots of people there, too. Oh and go by The Hidaway and introduce yourself to the "Golden Girls" they own the place! Joyce, me Dave, i forget the other's???You'll have GREAT fun!!
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Re: Newbie Questions - 05/19/01 08:15 AM


I'll probably still be staying at Rubies during those dates, I'll be getting a room there for a month, starting end of May.
I'll be there by myself also, and meeting people is definatly not a problem on AC, don't worry.

As far as the rainy season, it's really not bad at all, it might rain a little bit early morning, and also for a few minutes during the afternoon, a warm welcomed rain, or you might even not see rain at all.

Mosquitoes: not the season yet, not much to worry about. Some flies might sting a bit sometimes, especially when the wind drops down, but really nothing to worry about.

I'm sure you'll have a great time!

See you there [Linked Image].

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Re: Newbie Questions - 05/21/01 11:17 PM

Big Frank and ronmyway Ė I hadnít thought about earplugs Ė great idea. Iíll get some and start practicing now.

AC Beach Bum Ė Encouraging to know you didnít mind being alone and got an early start making friends. Iíll be at Seven Seas by the time you get down, but maybe we can plan to meet up somewhere for happy hour and swap adventures.

Ken & Lynne Ė Rubyís gave me a beachfront room, and I took your advice and asked for the 2nd or 3rd floor. Iím really glad to hear they have a security guard and that Lynne would feel safe alone. Iíll be sure and tell Maria you said hello.

Mary Ė Did you need earplugs at Seven Seas, too? You are right - after a couple of days of sun and snorkeling and a wee drinkie or two, I donít have as much problem sleeping. Thanks for the reminder about the Rhuligel, I think I have some at home. Do you know if it has a shelf life or last indefinitely?

Rickcheri Ė Iíll pub the Holiday bar on my list and the Palapa down for Sunday. With the references to the ďGolden GirlsĒ, my curiosity wouldnít let me leave without meeting them.

Smok Ė Glad to hear the mosquitoes wonít be too bad. Iím used to a brief shower or two every day in the islands Ė just donít want days of it. You can be my welcoming party and give me all the scoop when I get down since you will still be there.

Ya'll are great!! Thanks for all the info and advice!!!
Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/22/01 01:36 AM

Island Girl
Thanks for saying Hi to Maria, and if by chance, because there's so many people coming and going, tell her we were the couple that stayed in room 12, that gave her the (Ruby's juice)mug.
Also-if you do any snorkeling, diving or setting up any type of trips, go down to Barefoot watersports (next to the Yacht club) and ask for Dawn or Mike (the owners) and they will really (I mean really) do everything they can to make your arrangements the best.
You'll have a wonderfull time-
Thanks again, Ken & Lynne
Posted By: CovinaKid

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/22/01 01:48 AM

Well my fellow traveller, I am hoping you are prepared for the time of your life! I will be there from June 1st till the 21 of July.

Rubies is a pretty neat place to stay if your coming alone, Not fancy at all depending on what rooms you stay in. Very secure and very safe. I stayed there one night and just enjoyed the night on the veranda looking at the stars and the awesome beach view!

well, I am not much of the information type as I don't stay in hotels or resorts, I just visit them since I have family on the Island...

Some suggestions, depending on your budget:
Got to try renting golf carts, Street vendors at night are simply classic and great fun. People are the friendlyest you will ever see on this earth, you will have no trouble making new friends that could last you a life time.

Ya never know, I might see ya there, have fun! and oh yea, You Better Belize it!
Posted By: jackieo

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/22/01 04:35 AM

Well Island Girl, I am glad to here that you are going solo before I am. I am going in August5-13 and also staying at seven seas. I will be waiting for your trip report when you get back. Good luck and have lots of fun.
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Re: Newbie Questions - 05/22/01 03:01 PM

Ken & Lynne - I'm starting a notebook to keep up with recommendations and things I've researched, so I'll put in the info to remind Maria who you were (otherwise I'll probably be so excited I'd forget). Thanks for the reference for snorkeling - it is a passion for me, and I want to go just about every day. I should see if somebody will cut me a deal - like 10 trips for the price of 8. Or better yet, I'll be a stowaway! Do you remember what Mike and Lynn at Barefoot charged for their snorkel trips? I've mainly seen in the $20-$25 range for a 2 1/2 hr. trip.

CovinaKid - I imagine I will see you around. Are you ever lucky to go for soooo long! Not to mention having family to stay with. I started to add a third week, but having to pay room accomodations by myself makes it a little too pricey. You have less than two weeks now, so you must really be having a hard time keeping your feet on the ground.

Jackieo - I think you should change your dates and join me! If I have any particular "girl" tips when I get back, I'll e-mail them to you rather than put them in a trip report. I'll have to keep good notes for the report, otherwise by the second week it will all be running together.
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Re: Newbie Questions - 05/22/01 05:05 PM

Solo women travelers: I just returned last week from my first solo trip and I had the best vacation of my life! No need to worry about anything. You will meet so many new friends. Enjoy!

Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/23/01 03:58 AM

Island girl..posted last night(or I thought I did) in response to your questions. You will not need earplugs at Seven Seas..vey quiet. Most of the guests get up early to go diving, on tours, or snorkeling, so not to worry about night noise. Rhuligel..have had the same tube for about 2 years, still works, but ask your pharmacist if you have concerns about it..does have an exp. date on the tube. Have a great time!
Posted By: seashell

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/23/01 05:20 AM

Mary and Scott, I don't necessarily agree about not needing earplugs. If that damn dog is still around the corner, it kept me awake night after night. I don't sleep all that well in SP anyway, for some reason, but that dog just made my life hell. I don't think it was Kilomangierowanker because it had an owner. An owner that I gladly would have seen staked out on an anthill, I might add.
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/24/01 03:38 AM

Seashell...Sorry about the dog! We did not have any problem with him..but since I usually sleep well on vacation,and the bedroom air-conditioner lulled me to sleep, I was fine.
Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/25/01 01:36 AM


Just found Mike & Dawn's (Barefoot Watersports, Ltd.) e-mail address for cost information on snorkeling trips: [email protected]

Ken dove and I snorkeled the famous Blue Hole. We both had an awesome time! I've snorkeled in the Florida Keys and the Bay Islands of Honduras - but had a totally unique experience snorkeling the Blue Hole. I snorkeled around the edge of deep cave walls that invite you to explore their deep blue abyss. Very dramatic! Tune in to to our upcoming trip report for more details...

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/25/01 03:31 PM

Lynne - Thanks for the e-mail address for Barefoot Watersports - I'll send them a note. When you snorkeled the Blue Hole, did you go by boat or fly, and was it an overnight trip? I'd love to go, it sounds incredible.

Mary & Scott and Seashell - I'm hoping the dog doesn't bark all the time - maybe I should take ear plugs for me and sleeping pills for the dog! (just kidding). In the BVIs it's the roosters that wake you up at 4:00am and don't stop until after sunrise.
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/25/01 09:05 PM

Hey Ken, Hey Lynne, when is this trip report coming, we do want to hear more about the blue hole, glad you guys made it there ok. Look for a card in the mail from me. You two were great fun.
Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: Newbie Questions - 05/28/01 03:56 AM

IslandGirl - We "flew" to the Blue Hole via boat. Great ride! We did a day trip. We
had planned an overnight trip several days before - but the boat had other ideas...and 15 minutes into the trip (luckily, sooner than later!)...had transmission we headed back to shore. Hoped that the boat would be fixed the next day - but - it wasn't - so - Mike & Dawn arranged a day trip for us. We were happy to go...even for a day! It was well worth it!! Especially since we were leaving the next day! Things will be changing soon (for the better!) regarding overnight trips to the Blue Hole. Definitely e-mail Mike & Dawn. They're in the loop! Can't wait to hear about your'll have a great time!!! Lynne

Hey, Becky (you're no ordinary woman!): Ken is working on our trip album. It's a hoot! His first experience - so - it's taking longer. Tune in next month! (June?) Lynne
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Re: Newbie Questions - 05/28/01 11:48 PM

Hi, Thanks Ken and Lynne, glad you had a good time. For activities and pricing see us at: Right now we are offering a 20% discount to celebrate the opening of our new office in town. Also look for our latest aqusition of an overnight mega yacht for those offshore trips. We will begin booking soon for September cruises.
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