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Newby - 05/21/01 09:44 PM

Hi! As it says, I'm a newby to these posts. My family and I will be visiting AC for the first time, staying at Casa Coco Escondido mid June.

I took the Crusty the Clown Speed reading course but there are a few questions I still have that I didn't see posted.

Is the water O.K. at these private residences?

Do we take the hand ferry to get to our Casa, if so, what do we do about bags and bags of groceries?

Are kayaks readily available, and how is snorkeling using a sea kayak? Anybody done this?

Where can I snorkel with the sea turtles?

Cave tubing sounds great, but expensive. Any pointers?

Any recommendations for a good Mayan ruin site? Tikal is too expensive do to the size of our family - Two parents and three grown kids (well, one's a tag along).

Thank you for all the great posts!!!!! You've already helped so much!!

Many more questions to come!
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Re: Newby - 05/21/01 10:42 PM

Schmitty, Welcome to the board! The only thing (so far) that I may be able to help you with is the cave tubing.

I did extensive homework on this because I wanted to go. I'll be on AC 6/2 - 6/10. The tours (through dive/tour places on AC) are a little expensive, but they are the cheapest way to go.

The other way to go is through the place that is in the area where the cave tubing is done (Caves Branch Jungle Lodge) and provide your own transport there. There are various ways to do that depending on your time restraints and budget.

I found that, unless you want to spend a night on the mainland, you're better off just taking advantage of one of the tour places on AC. The cheapest ways to get there on your own don't get you there when you need to be for the tours.

Like I said, I did tons of homework on this. Checked into every way possible to do it. If you want, you can email me ([email protected]) and I can give you specifics. Whatever route you go (if you do), make sure that the place you go through offers full refunds for trip cancellation due to weather. As it stands right now, some of the cave tubing isn't available due to low water levels.

Good luck!! Sharon
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Re: Newby - 05/21/01 10:47 PM

Schmitty, Oops! I lied! There is something else I can help a little with.

Ruins. I suggest you do a search here on the board (upper right) for Altun Ha and Lamanai. These are both wonderful sights. You can read up on what others think of both and judge for yourself. I believe Altun Ha will be the cheapest of the two. It's a fun experience and a beautiful site. I've been there. Haven't experienced Lamanai yet.

Once again, good luck! Sharon
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Re: Newby - 05/21/01 11:26 PM

as to how to get the groceries there, by boat is it. there is a water taxi that runs everyother hour, but it is $5 US pp EACH WAY.

the water is fine for showering & teeth brushing, but most drink bottled water.
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