SPTC addresses high influx of vehicles on the island

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SPTC addresses high influx of vehicles on the island - 02/02/17 06:08 AM

Ambergris Caye residents have raised concerns over reports of more golf carts arriving on the island. The local authorities at The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) have confirmed the increase of more motor vehicles. However, according to them, the impact will be minimal given the fact that most of these are for replacement only.

In an interview earlier this month, Mayor Daniel Guerrero indicated that the importation of vehicles to the island is the sole responsibility of the San Pedro Transport Board (SPTB). The SPTB which includes three members from the mainland and two from the island, was officially established in November of 2016. The San Pedro Sun tried to contact its Chairperson Ruth Dawson and other key members to comment on the issue, but to no avail.

However, representatives from the SPTC were available to discuss the topic, including Jorge Aldana. He indicated that up to 75 vehicular permit applications are processed each month. He clarified that the term ‘vehicular permit’ does not necessarily refer to only vehicles, but it applies to motor cycles, small enclosed cars and golf carts. “The majority of the recent permits approved were mainly for replacements,” said Aldana. According to him, with a moratorium open for the application of vehicular permits, anyone is allowed to apply. But it will be up to the island’s traffic board to decide whether the applicant is eligible, especially applications involving new vehicles.

Aldana stated that since the importation of vehicles to the island will not cease for the meantime, residents have been encouraged to apply for motorcycle permits instead. “We have seen an increase in applications for motorcycles and we want to continue encouraging everyone to do so,” he said.

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