Day trips

Posted By: tequila

Day trips - 05/30/01 06:06 PM

Reading a bit about tubeing through the moutain caves. Has anyone tried this? sounds like a blast!
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Day trips - 05/30/01 06:13 PM

Yes, I did the Blue Creek Cave and Nim Li Punit Mayan ruin inland from the Placencia peninsula, and while there was a lot of windshield time, it was worth it. This can only be done from Placencia[without an airplane, i guess]. Others trips are closer and better.
Posted By: shaygray

Re: Day trips - 05/30/01 08:17 PM

Tequila, I haven't experienced the cave tubing YET. Will be next Wednesday, though. I've heard a lot of good. I did a lot of homework on this. Looked at a lot of different services and whatnot. If you'd like some info, email me @ [email protected]

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Re: Day trips - 05/30/01 08:27 PM

We will be doing this in the Cave Branch area very soon. I hear Ian Andersons runs great tours. We will spend 3 nights in the Cave Branch area at Pook's Hill Jungle Lodge because we want to explore that area. Many people do the surf and turf thing!
Have Fun!
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Re: Day trips - 05/30/01 08:33 PM


When we were down there on the week of the 26th they had closed it because of some locals scaring the crap out of the tourists. You might want to check to see if this is true, or not.
Its just what we heard.

Posted By: hacker

Re: Day trips - 05/30/01 08:34 PM


IAN ANDERSON from Jethro Tull?

Posted By: tequila

Re: Day trips - 05/30/01 09:23 PM

Thanks for the responses, Munichchick let me know how the whole thing goes. I am not going till the last week of July. Have fun.
Posted By: Nicki

Re: Day trips - 05/30/01 09:50 PM

We were on Ambergris Caye May 12th-19th and heard that the caves at Jaguar's Paw were closed. We were told there is a dispute over who actually owns the land and they have put an indefinite hold on cave tubing. These are only one set of caves. I have heard there are others you can go to but you do have to take a plane and then travel some more once you get to the main land. I hope you get to go. We were really looking forward to this part of the trip and were very disappointed that we didn't get to try it.
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