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Honeymoon - 06/02/01 12:10 AM

We are planning to spend our honeymoon in AC the week of 8/20-8/28. I have been all over the web checking out anything I can find on AC.

I have two questions....we are currently booked to stay at Ramon's, how are the accomodations, food, bar, etc? Also what is the weather like in August?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Re: Honeymoon - 06/02/01 09:09 PM


See you haven't had a reply yet, so I'll just jump in and suggest that you do a search of the forum using (separately) the key word Ramon's and August. Your two questions are asked a lot here, and you should find a good bit of information.

A lot of people have opinions about Ramon's -- mostly that it's well located, has a nice pool and an okay beach, that some of the rooms are a little dodgy but the newer ones up front are pretty nice, that the bar is good (though not cheap), that the restaurant is okay but that there are lots of better places, and that overall the resort is priced a little high ... but some people really like it.

August on the cayes can be humid and pretty hot, and sometimes rainy, and if the seabreezes die down it can be pretty sticky and buggy. But the pluses are that it's Belize and therefore a lot better than most places, that it's off-season so the prices are lower, and that while it's hurricane season most storms come later in the summer.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: Honeymoon - 06/02/01 11:15 PM

Thanks for the reply and information. I have been all over these boards and there seems to be alot of information on the other resorts in AC but not much mention of Ramons.

Form everything that I have read, I am counting down the days until I am in Belize!

Thanks again
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Re: Honeymoon - 06/02/01 11:41 PM


Actually, there's tons of info on Ramon's on this and other travel boards. It's probably the best-known resort on the island, at least among travel agents, and one of the six or seven oldest resorts in Belize. It's often misspelled, though, so that may be why it doesn't show up on searches.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: Honeymoon - 06/05/01 02:42 AM

I'll leave it up to the ramon's lovers on this board to dispute this.. but from what I saw at ramons three weeks ago.. it's overrated and overpriced...

You would do much better to book at banana beach... for about half the price you get a nice condo, kitchen/dining room, ocean front patio ( to enjoy those fantastic sunrises) and a great staff.

one of the selling points for ramons seems to be their pool, advertised as the "biggest and best in AC"... DON'T believe the hype... it's a smallish pool, designed in a twisting sort of way, but only about 10 feet across at it's widest... the waterfall looks weak.. and all in all from what I saw myself and gathered from talking to people who were staying there... they all booked ramons because of the reputation and advertising, but they all said that they wouldn't stay there again...

give tim from banana beach a ring or email.. the address and website is in the logdging section here.... trust me on this, you'll be glad you did... plus with all the money you will save, you'll have plenty of dinero left over for those expensive romantic dinners at capricorns.. perfect for newlyweds.


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Re: Honeymoon - 06/05/01 08:51 PM

I just returned from Ramon's Sunday night. It is one of the better resorts on the island, but that is all relative and doesn't necessarily mean it's a good resort.

I was shocked at how small the pool fact it was rarely used by patrons. Waterfall? I'd call it puddle runoff.

The rooms (gardenview) were fairly compariable to all the higher end places I stayed in in the rest of belize mainland (at half the cost), and I was satisfied.

A few problems:

1. Most of the staff had a rude demeaner - when there was a problem, they tried to make you feel like they were doing you a favor correcting it. I got the feeling that the whole Island had that attitude. Go also to the mainland and you will see a HUGE difference in the attitudes of the natives. I'll never visit Ambergris again. If you are looking for a resort island experience you would do a lot better in Jamacia or the bahamas. Going to Ambergris IS NOT a true reflection of Belize experience - NOT EVEN CLOSE.

2. Lost water pressure 5 times in the first 24 hours. Staff did correct immediately each time, but frustrating while taking a shower.

3. Bike rentals? Forget it...rusty junk and rude, uncaring staff member who handles bikes/carts has poor customer skills and it's no wonder the guy is in the position he has.

4. Restaraunt was good food and staff, although the menu specials were sometimes questionable and overpriced.

5. Bar - no complaints

6. Dive shop - excellent staff and dive masters. Beware of equipment rentals - I had a pressure gauge stick on me in a dive - very dangerous and no apology given nor mentioned.
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Re: Honeymoon - 06/10/01 04:52 AM

You are the first person I've heard on this board say that the natives were unfriendly on AC. Other than your bum experience at Ramon's, what other problems did you have? I was under the impression that everyone was so friendly there.
Where did you go on the mainland? My fiancee and I are planning on honeymooning on the mainland (after we get married on AC). We are planning on going to the San Ignacio area and then on to Tikal. Are there any hotels/activities that you would recommend? What shouldn't we miss on the mainland???
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Re: Honeymoon - 06/10/01 03:19 PM

Man, you think the Ramons pool is TINY? Puddle runoff?

makes me suspect that there is either an ulterior motive here or someone has incredible expectations.

makes me suspect that someone is VERY hard to please, maybe IMPOSSIBLE to please.

makes me want to disregard what he says. shocked at how small the pool is? Yes, there are no olympic sized pools in Belize. That pool is gorgeous.

No complaints on the bar, well how about that!

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Re: Honeymoon - 06/12/01 08:33 PM

Thanks everyone for the information. Our honeymoon is already booked and I am ready to head to AC!

Every vacation is what you make of it and I plan on making this one the best no matter what happens!

See ya in August!

Re: Honeymoon - 06/12/01 09:37 PM

If you want to see a POOL on AC, hop up to Belizian Shores. It was well under construction in April and should be done by now. There is NO doubt that is the country's largest pool. Size and design, nothing even close.

As far as Ramon's, I think that Lan said it best, and with the greatest of tact. As fas as attitude, we have seen a bit of "chip on the shoulder" crap from time to time, mainly at some of the LARGER resorts, never from the general population.

Water pressure in SP (as well as electricity) continues to be a bit of a problem from time to time, and will be so until they resolve the salt air accumulation problem on some of the new post-hurricane transformers. It's just part of any dusty, charming little Caribbean island. No different than any of the others.
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