Six-year-old Zaem Torres drowns in water vat

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Six-year-old Zaem Torres drowns in water vat - 04/14/17 07:23 PM

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The San Pedro Sun is sad to report the drowning of 6-year-old Zaem Torres, which according to police reports, happened the night of Thursday April 13th. The official report states that police visited the Bay Side Area of San Pedro Town at 10:59PM where they saw some men trying to conduct CPR on the little boy.

He was immediately transferred to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Poly Clinic II. However, at 11:30PM he was pronounced dead. Investigations revealed that Torres climbed on the top of a water tank, which was filled with water, and he fell in.

The San Pedro Sun extends sincerest condolences to the family.
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Mayor Daniel Guerrero, the San Pedro Town Council and Staff would like to extend its heartfelt condolences to the Torres/Perez family and friends on the tragic passing of their little angel, Zaeem Torres. May you find strength in the love of family and in the warm embrace of friends. May his soul rest in peace.
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Six Year Old Climbs Into Vat and Drowns In San Pedro

6 year-old Zaem Torres fell into a vat filled with water and drowned. It happened on Thursday night, sometime around 11:00. That's when police visited the Bay Side area of the Island and they saw several men performing CPR on Torres's little body. It wasn't yielding any results, and he was rushed to the Otto Rodriguez Poly Clinic, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Reports to police are that the child climbed up on the water tank in an area that has a number of such tanks. He fell in and drowned.

This evening, we spoke via telephone to his uncle, who is acting as the spokesperson for the family. He told us that this was a freak accident, and that there was no negligence on the part of the parents. He said that on that Holy Thursday, little Zaem's mother and father were working. That evening, they went out a family for dinner at a nearby restaurant. He said that the parents allowed the child to run around and play with other children since the area is usually safe from any dangers.

Zaem's uncle told us that about 200-300 feet from the restaurant on the dock, there are 4 Rotoplas water reservoir tanks. These tanks supply water for nearby resorts, and, it appears that on this night, one of the reservoirs was not covered. Most-likely, one of the employees may have been checking the water levels, and there was a stool set up to get high enough to do the testing. It is believed that the child climbed up on the stool, and then up onto the reservoir, and he lost his balance and fell in.

The family was frantic to try to find him, and it was a doctor who pulled him out of the tank.

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Family of Zaeem Torres speaks about tragedy that took his life

Andre Perez, uncle of the deceased, spoke with The San Pedro and shed more light into what transpired. According to him, around 9PM the boy was at a restaurant along with his parents, and as usual he was running around and playing with friends in the vicinity. Suddenly he went missing, which prompted a search party. Despite the number of people looking for him, the child could not be located. “My sister went to look for him at her house, since it was safe for him to run home, while people were looking near the dock by the restaurant and others looked by boat,” says Perez.

Perez also stated that near the restaurant there were four large Rotoplas reservoirs filled with water, and one of them was uncovered, with a stool located next to it. “Someone went to check the Rotoplas water tank, and the first time they checked they did not see anything. But I think they checked two more times and then spotted my nephew floating to the side of the water tank,” said Perez. He told The Sun that it was indeed a tragedy, but he would not classify it as negligence. “It was just a truly unfortunate accident.”

After the sad discovery, Torres was pulled out by a doctor that happened to be part of the search team. Perez said that the doctor immediately started administering CPR to the little boy, while arrangements were made to take him to the polyclinic. “On the way to the clinic, I understand that they continued trying to revive him, but something told them that it was too late, since he had been inside the water tank for a long time. But we kept our hopes high,” Perez continued. “After some time at the clinic, the doctors gave my sister and brother-in-law the bad news that he had passed away.”

Six-year-old Torres was buried on Sunday, April 16th in the outskirts of Orange Walk Town. The San Pedro Sun extends its sincerest condolences to the family on their tragic loss.

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