Lost Dog

Posted By: lmat118

Lost Dog - 06/13/17 04:45 PM

We are looking for our dog,that ran off last night,from Reef Village. He is about a yr. old. Red/brown terrier type with a black nose. Long hair with a blue collar.Short and about 15 lbs. He answers to Berny. Just out of Saga after being there for many months. Please call [email protected]

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Posted By: PDS

Re: Lost Dog - 06/13/17 06:07 PM

Please add a picture.
Posted By: lmat118

Re: Lost Dog - 06/13/17 08:48 PM

Have tried but have been unable to. Will text or email. Thanks
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Lost Dog - 06/13/17 08:51 PM

Send photo,to marty and he will post, send to me and I will send to MIddle Island Neighborhood Watch....

Contact Marty at:
<[email protected]>
Posted By: lmat118

Re: Lost Dog - 06/13/17 09:13 PM

Thank You Diane!!.I sent one to your email and also to Marty. Also there is a $100.00bz reward,no questions asked for the return. Need the puppy back "in the dog house" and get me out of it.
Posted By: lmat118

Re: Lost Dog - 06/13/17 11:28 PM

Thanks to the many people that helped track down our wayward puppy.Turns out he spent the day up north,just being cute and getting as much attention as he could.We are so glad to be back living in a community full of such fine people.
Posted By: RobertJ

Re: Lost Dog - 06/14/17 03:24 PM

Ya gotta love happy endings.....

(Great looking doggie, too...:)

Looks a little chubby, though.....
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Lost Dog - 06/14/17 06:58 PM

Happy the pup is home!!
Posted By: Maya House

Re: Lost Dog - 06/21/17 10:49 PM

So glad pup is home. He is GORGEOUS!!!!!
Posted By: denilya

Re: Lost Dog - 06/23/17 09:07 AM

Very good news. I hope he will not runaway again.
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