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Posted By: amom

beach house - 06/12/01 02:22 AM

We are thinking of reserving Brianna's Beach House shown on this site for August. It's located by the Tides and Emerald Reef. Are any of you locals familiar with it? Please tell us that it is great because it looks awesome for two people. Definitely looking forward to being two of the chosen to dive Belize. Has anyone dove with Searious Adventures?

Thanks much
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: beach house - 06/12/01 02:44 AM

We are not locals, but we saw the Beach house when we were there last Sept. Very nice, very cute. No pool,but on a good stretch of beach. You will have a great time. Close to town, also.
Posted By: phillytodd

Re: beach house - 06/12/01 02:53 AM

HI, I didn't stay at brianna's ( stayed at banana beach) but I passed by the house and it looked very cute. NO pool, but like the post above says.. it's on a nice stretch of beach ( just watch out for people like me flying down the beach in our golf carts)

if you're only looking for a place for two people, why not try banana beach? the price is comparable, and it has full kitchens, decks, and a big pool.
Posted By: amom

Re: beach house - 06/12/01 03:22 AM

Thanks for your input you guys. I think we're good with no pool since we'll be in the "big" pool. If we can get in a couple of good dives each day and long beach walks, we're happy. As long as you said it looks nice, I think we'll go for it. Any feedback on Searious Divers?
Posted By: Marty

Re: beach house - 06/12/01 03:24 PM

Briannas Beach House is rad, we really enjoyed it...

Searious does real good work also...
Posted By: IslandJunkie

Re: beach house - 06/12/01 03:31 PM

We didn't dive with Searious, but we did lots of other things with them - snorkeling, trips to Altun Ha, etc. They're really terriffic, I'd definitely recommend you talk to them and they'll help set up whatever you need. You won't regret it!
Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Re: beach house - 06/25/01 06:07 AM

Just checked out Brianna's Beach House last week. Sandy really has done a nice job with it. Her husband Willie does the trips for their buiness, Searious Adventures-he is great. However, they don't do diving themselves, they would line up diving with someone else.
Posted By: amom

Re: beach house - 06/25/01 11:25 AM

Thanks, Karen. We did go ahead and reserve the beach house for the middle of August. Can't tell you how anxious we are. I hope diving is good that time of year. Looking forward to doing nothing but lay around and dive. If there are any whale sharks around, have them stay til we get there.

Posted By: Debbie

Re: beach house - 06/25/01 02:29 PM

We drove past Brianna's several times a day, and I fell in love with it. It's just adorable and in a good location. You can't go wrong there. I thought it was one of the cutest and most well kept places I saw.
Posted By: stcroixguy

Re: beach house - 06/26/01 06:50 PM

Just got back. Four of us stayed at Brianna's Beach House June14-22. Great location and they are adding their very own pier as it was being built when we were there. Nicely furnished, coolest shower tiles. Everyone remarked about the tiles. Visited Tikal in Guatemala on the Tropic Air tour, Lamaia (sp?) booked both through Sandy at SEARious. Lots of fun. Grocery store was 1 1/2 blocks south, then 1/2 block right. Another half a block ahead was Los Cocos. Ate there 3 nights and loved it. Kids came by with the food and ate that two. If you go tell Daniel and Carlos the Philly guys said hi. They were two cute clean cut kids selling bead jewelery.
Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Re: beach house - 06/26/01 10:21 PM

Hope you have a wonderful stay at Brianna's Beach House. Please give my hello to Sandy and Willie Leslie, the owners. Have a great trip!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: beach house - 06/26/01 10:26 PM

That was us that waved to you everyday when we passed. We were there the same time!!!!!
Posted By: stcroixguy

Re: beach house - 06/27/01 05:45 PM

Was that you? Two blonds in a goldcart? You also had dinner at Fido's Sun, Mon, or Tues. The night the band kept getting unplugged from the speakers and killing our ears?
Posted By: Debbie

Re: beach house - 06/27/01 07:26 PM

No we were a he and a she, one was a bearded fellow with black hair, I was brunette, short hair. We stayed just down from you and drove past several times a day. A Polo's cart. I fell in love with your place.
Posted By: amom

Re: beach house - 06/28/01 01:51 AM

This is fantastic! Since we have the beach house already reserved and you are all saying such good things about it, we are all the more anxious for our stay in AC. It's always nice to have informed opinions. As I'm sure you know, it's not always the easiest picking a place to stay. It sure can ruin a vacation if the choice is bad. We also got some good advice from GoVikes about places to eat, etc. If the people in AC are as nice as the people on this board, we'll have a time to remember. Counting the days to departure and thanks!
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