Shooting in San Pedrito

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Shooting in San Pedrito - 08/01/17 11:49 AM

The San Pedro Police Formation are investigating a shooting incident which occurred in the San Pedrito Area of San Pedro Town about 8pm Monday night. Information reaching our news room indicate that a male person Identified as 29-year-old Floyd Martinez of a Belize City address was shot to his left leg and groin. He was transported to the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II where he was stabilized and then airlifted to Belize City for further medical treatment. No arrests have been made as yet. Police continue investigating.

San Pedro Sun
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Re: Shooting in San Pedrito - 08/01/17 07:17 PM

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On 31.07.2017 at 6:45 p.m. San Pedro Police visited the San Pedro PolyClinic where they saw 29 year old Lloyd Martinez, 29yrs, A resident of a Police Street in Belize City being treated for gunshot wounds to his mid-section of his body.

The investigation revealed that Martinez was in San Pedro Town inside a yard talking to another man when a masked man approached them and fired two gun shots causing the injuries to Martinez. Police are investigating.

Jose Sanchez

Lloyd Martinez shot in San Pedrito Area

According to an official report from the Police Press Officer, Martinez was a maintenance worker of a Police Street address in Belize City who was visiting San Pedro Town. He was inside a yard conversing with another male person when a masked man approached them and fired two gun shots, causing the injuries to Martinez.
Since this latest incident, San Pedrito residents are very concerned for their safety. They claim that a lot of different people keep coming to their subdivision on a monthly basis. They hope the police can do more monitoring of who comes to the area.

Mayor Daniel Guerrero also voiced his concerns on this latest act of violence on the island. He briefly stated that the island is suffering ‘mainland problems,’ which is a challenge local authorities are working hard to deal with.

In the meantime, no arrests have been made and police are seeking the residents’ assistance in solving this matter. Anyone with information leading to the culprit can contact the San Pedro Police Station located on Pescador Drive or call at 206-2022. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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OK.....Nothing new here.

Hope the weather is good.
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Unfortunately Robert you're so right, getting to be the norm/ bright side is the weather is great:)
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The Mayor makes a great point.... We are suffering from 'Mainland Problems'..... And this is not the first time.... And the motives have not changed....In fact the only thing that has changed is the names of the victims & culprits...... In 2005 the community got together both local families and expats (yes, good Texans)...... They cleared the island of these folks for awhile and many got the message not to come back. I'm not sure of the details, however the island had a bit of a cleansing and I was told that the 'bad guys' were escorted to Bomba where they were able to work out their differences unencumbered......
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I am not familiar with some of the neighborhoods. Is San Pedrito the area between the airport runway and the lagoon?
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