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sunscreen - 09/01/17 04:53 PM

I did a search with no results so I know there is sunscreen recommended for diving near the reef. We have a friend coming and want to order before they arrive. Thanks
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Re: sunscreen - 09/01/17 06:42 PM

Jason's is the brand that I recommend and send out to all guests. I no longer have links to other brands.

Here is a link, but I have gotten at Walgreen's, and other drug stores.

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Re: sunscreen - 09/01/17 07:26 PM

Thank you!!
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Re: sunscreen - 09/01/17 08:52 PM

Here are Padi's recommendations. Jason's did not make this list, but used to be at the top of several others. There are several on the list that really stink. One of the good features about Jason's is that it smells nice when applying and afterwards.
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Re: sunscreen - 09/03/17 11:43 PM

Thank you for being concerned about this. I was recently in Tulum where you were required to use reef friendly sunscreen in places where it could be controlled and it was for sale (at fair prices) everywhere. Belize seems to be slow to figure this out. I go snorkeling and diving frequently with groups and watch in horror as people slather Brand X all over themselves and then jump in the sea. Rash guard clothing is great too.
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Re: sunscreen - 09/04/17 12:20 PM

We have seen the oil slicks when tourist groups get in the water as well. We all have to do our part! Thanks
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Re: sunscreen - 09/04/17 01:23 PM
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Re: sunscreen - 09/04/17 02:31 PM

I live on the front on Caye Caulker and in the evening when I take my dogs out before bed all I can smell is sun screen wafting in off the reef.
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