Cave tubing??

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Cave tubing?? - 06/21/01 05:53 AM

Well, it's me again with another question. Will one of you please explain (in detail) what and how this cave tubing tour or expierence is? Is it for the younger set? Is it like riding the rapids or a nice ride someplace. You all have me wondering. Thanks again for answering these ???'s.
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Re: Cave tubing?? - 06/21/01 02:14 PM


Cave tubing is for everyone! What it is (from AC as a tour):

In the AM You take a flight over to Muncipal and then meet a van that will drive you out to the cave area. (We did Jaguar Paw area). It is a great drive. They point out sites and you get to see a lot of the county and how people live. Then you take this 15-20 minute back road drive to the place where you will end your tubing journey. Then you get yourself together, and hike through the forrest for about 2 miles (less if you want to do less caves) And it is amazing. You see birds and bugs and great foliage adn formations. The guide tells you interesting facts and it's a good time. You then head down into the caves and into the water. It is a SLOW SLOW ride. Took us a long time. We stopped and climbed some rocks inside the caves and jumped from high formations with our guide. it was fun. We took pictures and had a great time. It is relaxing after the hike.

When you come out of the caves, your at the van, and then you take the drive back, and stop for lunch at a place on the way.

I would say DO it! You won't regret it!
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Re: Cave tubing?? - 06/21/01 02:55 PM

How much did it cost and how long ago did you do it?
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Re: Cave tubing?? - 06/21/01 04:13 PM

It cost 125 US I think and we left at about 8AM and got back about 4PM. It was an all day thing. Lost track of time tubing, so I don't recall how long we actually tubed. Was having too much R&R [Linked Image]
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Re: Cave tubing?? - 06/21/01 04:49 PM

Thank you so much for answering this question! It seemed to me that the website only told about staying at the lodge and taking a trip. I wanted to know about the trip from AC, and you have answered it perfectly!!! Thanks again!

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