Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere

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Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/01/01 03:06 AM

Would be very interested in comments about Paradise Villas - although there is a ton of info on the web and in these pages, it is a bit hard to figure out what the atmosphere in a place would be - what is it like at the beach there? It seems as though it could be nice be so close in to town, is it a bit busy or crowded? Looking for a place for my family with 4 kids, one of whom will go scuba diving with me, the others looking for beach and pool time. Can any one compare it to the Villas at Banyan Bay? Thanks
Also, any comments about villas or condos north of town, and how the atmosphere compares? Thanks

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Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/02/01 01:32 AM

I haven't been to Banyan Bay but based on what I've read here on the Board, BB outclasses Paradise Villas. That said, the grounds and pool area at PV are quite nice. The suites are owned by various companies and individuals, so you can find completely different levels of furnishings, finishings, etc. Some units only have A/C in the bedrooms. Anyway, they aren't that fancy but should have everything that a family needs. PV is also around the corner from a grocery store and on the right side of town for walking about, getting to restaurants, clubs and enjoying the town itself. The beach area is not that great but life at the pool overlooking the water and the reef is not to be scoffed at! If you got one of the Ocean Front units, you'd probably be very happy. Even without, you'll probably be happy. Isn't there quite a price difference between the two places?
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Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/02/01 02:27 PM

Thank you for your advice. Yes, there is a price difference, but once I have flown my family of six from western Canada, the accommodation price is a smaller proportion of the total. From what I can gather from your comments and the feeling on the board, a bad day at the worst place in AC sounds better than a lot of other things!! That said, my kids really do like a good beach. They are 8 - 16 years, and love just goofing around for hours in the water and on the sand.
I suppose what I am really asking, what is the atmosphere like on the beaches in town, versus north and south of town? Comments, biases, opinions anyone???
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Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/02/01 08:38 PM

What are the ages of your children? I have a feeling that teen agers would be bored silly away from town. I get the impression that the farther north one goes the more isolated one gets. I don't know about you, but I would welcome some adult time if I had 4 kids. I love to watch the kids who live there play. They seem to be totally safe and carefree. I think it would be wonderful for your children to have the opportunity to interact with other kids their age.
I've stayed at Paradise Village twice. I booked through Tradewind's both times and had beautiful suites. In October (off season) we rented beach front, in January (high season) we rented garden view. We were happy with both.
The government pays to have the beaches cleaned everyday. Although they are not wide (shore to surf) they are wonderful. After all, how much space does one person need?
It is highly suggested that you use the pool for swimming and the ocean for wading and splashing. There is too much boat traffic to swim there. Since PV has a dock right in front and Hustler's dock is next door, there is good snorkeling under the docks, especially at night.

Why I liked this resort is because it is clean, well maintained, close to the grocery store. It is an easy walk to the center of activity yet far enough away from the noise of town.

They do have two bedroom units that sleep 6 people.
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Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/03/01 12:59 AM

ScubaLdy writes

>> The government pays to have the beaches cleaned everyday.<<

Now THAT'S something I've never heard before!

--Lan Sluder
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Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/03/01 03:00 PM

I took my two teen boys with us last year and stayed at Paradise Villas. I was delighted with it. It was a very good value in my opinion. The pool was awesome. The grounds were beautiful. It was close enough to town for the boys and they had a greaat time. There is volleyball and soccer on the beach in the evenings nearby, so they could join in if those are sports they like. The dock area for swimming was clean, and seemed to be popular with the local kids as well. Mine didn't lack for company. They loved it. I think you would too!

Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/03/01 03:24 PM


Yup, the town board apparently arranges for portions of the beaches by Paradise Villas and north to be maintained to some degree. They've even been known to use a weedeater aggressively on the flowers that the residents have planted between the home fronts and the water. We went out with friends who live right there, and came back to several hundred flower STUBS.
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Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/03/01 03:30 PM

Several hundred flower stubs! Now that is unusual.

So, I gather the ocean in front is pretty busy with boats? Where do you go to swim in the ocean? Or do most people head for the pool?
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Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/03/01 03:47 PM

I agree, PV is a very good choice.
My family, 6 of us, stayed there last Christmas and where very please with the accomidations and the people taking care of the grounds and the condos.
With being a quick walk from SP it was great and the dock is very nice. Being close to the grocery makes it very convenient.
We booked 2 - 2 bedroom condos with Nellie Gomez and we would do it again.
Have a great vacation
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Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/03/01 07:03 PM

We just got back from AC and we stayed at Tradewinds Paradise Villas. It was a great place for us with 4 teenagers in tow. The pool is very clean and and grounds are beautiful. There is no "beach". The units we stayed are where 100% air conditioned - units 21A & B. If we go back we will stay at Tradewinds or will try Ramons.
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Re: Paradise Villas / Banyan Bay - atmosphere - 07/03/01 08:32 PM

As Mama said there is no "beach" at PV, there is sand and a seawall at that location. Most people swim off the docks. Many docks have fish and stuff to see if you snorkel. The best snorkeling is out at the reef. You can see this with a tour boat or, as we like to do, hire a private guide to take you where you want, when you want.
Even though there is boat traffic most of it is outside of the designated swim areas. San Pedro Town does have Town beaches/parks also. One north, one in the center of town and at least one south near the Mar de Tumbo area.
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