BEACH - What's a beach?

Posted By: ScubaLdy

BEACH - What's a beach? - 07/04/01 10:39 PM

Oh my God! I think we need a definition of beach. I lived in Oregon from 5th grade until 2 years post high school graduation. Three of those years were in Tillamook. (Yes, where the cheese comes from). In Oregon no one can "own" ocean beach property -- it is all public. Some of their beaches are a mile wide with hughmungus sand dunes.
When I came to San Francisco in 1957 and went to "The Beach" was I surprised. The sand is actually tiny little rocks and not very wide nor long.
When we started diving for Abalone in the '60's there were few beaches. High cliffs fall right down to the breakers. After sliding, jumping, falling, etc., down the face of the crumbling cliff we were lucky to find a cove with a patch of some kind of dry ground. All of these places were called "beaches."

I've never been there, but the picture's I've seen of Coney Island and the Mediterranean have big beaches but they also have jazillions of people so each person only has a patch of beach.
How much beach do you need to call it a beach?
(Now I'll take my tongue out of my check)
I love the beaches in Belize. They are all I need.
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Re: BEACH - What's a beach? - 07/05/01 04:51 AM

Haha! My husband and I grew up in Redondo Beach (Southern California), went swimming every day in the summer, and now live in the SF Bay Area. I almost died laughing on our recent trip to Greece when we met some East-Coaster-Americans walking on the beach and they remarked that "we must be used to beaches like this in San Francisco"!!! We've only tried to go to Ocean Beach once in the seven years we lived here... and it was so covered with fog (in the middle of summer) you couldn't even SEE the water! [Linked Image] Can't wait to get to Belize and see a *REAL* beach!

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Re: BEACH - What's a beach? - 07/05/01 05:14 AM

Hi Gaelen
I live in Martinez - for another 14 months and 4 days! Then I'm off to Belize.
It has been very hot over here (every other week, was 102 the other day. Monday when I got home at 9 PM it was 93 in my upstairs. Whew!
When gasoline didn't cost and arm and a leg on hot Sundays I would put on my blue jeans and sweater and head for the city on hot summer days.
When I was a phony Beatnik in '58 we used to go out to a beach on the SF side under the Golden Gate Bridge. Never had to worry about getting a sunburn.
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Re: BEACH - What's a beach? - 07/05/01 04:41 PM

Hi Scuba lady, so you lived in tillamook? have real good friends from there, Tony Bye...

we are in eugene...
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Re: BEACH - What's a beach? - 07/05/01 06:11 PM

Tillamook? Oregon Coast? Just the mention makes me *almost* :-) as homesick for the Oregon Coast as for the beaches of Belize. I grew up vacationing on the beaches of Oregon and loved it (still do)... But like ScubaLdy said, the beaches of Belize are enough for me... Hello to all you fellow Oregonians! Cheers ;-)
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Re: BEACH - What's a beach? - 07/05/01 07:46 PM

As kids we swam in rivers and the ocean. We were allowed to play in the ocean until we turned blue. Maybe that's why I like warm water now.
When you have an abundance of natural resources at your disposal you don't know that you are poor. I have some great footage of some kids playing under the dock in San Pedro on a big piece of styrofoam. Believe me, they are rich.
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Re: BEACH - What's a beach? - 07/05/01 09:18 PM

I agree. And we are richer for knowing it. About the turning blue - I remember as a kid a time swimming in the Pacific somewhere near Canon Beach. It was November and stormy - rain pouring down. Yet I still went and swam (call me crazy). I think I did turn blue, or at least close to it. And now I can't wait to take my scuba lessons later this summer so I can go enjoy more of the warm waters off AC. Ciao!
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