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Honeymoon - 07/05/01 12:46 AM

Looking for suggestions on where to stay in Belize. Prefer top resort, money is not the biggest issue...service, clean/quality, good food (at resort or nearby), privacy and beatiful beach would be the key issues for us.
Also, are there any US wholesale/travel companies that can package airfare/hotel/transfers from the west coast?

Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Honeymoon - 07/05/01 04:47 AM

In regards to airfare -- I'm assuming you'd fly out of LAX, I don't know if they have the same deal from there but we're flying TACA Airlines from San Francisco and got a really amazing deal on airfare from Travelocity, you might check them out, the fare is good through March of next year and available on just about every day but Fridays or Saturdays I think.

Concord, CA
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Re: Honeymoon - 07/05/01 05:25 AM

Good luck with TACA -- I've heard some wild stories. I find great fares on the American Airlines on line reservation system. $445 RT from SF to Belize City.
Yes, there are lots of places that will set up packages for you, if that's what you want.
I used these people for my 1st two trips and was very happy

As you will see, there has been a lot of posts about Paradise Village/Tradewinds, etc. All the same place. Highly recommended.

Galeen: I just saw this and we are neighbors - Concord is even hootter than Martinez at night.
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Re: Honeymoon - 07/05/01 08:02 AM

Perhaps this would be suitable

Beautiful, private, etc.
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Re: Honeymoon - 07/05/01 05:35 PM

Does anyone know the status of the new resort Portifino?

Is it really going to open and fully running in August?

Do I really want to stay that far north of Portifino?
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Re: Honeymoon - 07/05/01 08:56 PM

For airfare try

They gave us the best deal from Atlanta last January - $425.
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