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Posted By: Northwoodsmomof2

Sunset beach resort - 01/31/18 11:33 PM

Hello everyone, I'm new on this site so I apologize if I do something wrong. My family and I are coming to the island March 7th. We will be staying at the Sunset Beach Resort. My husband and I were on the island about 17 years ago and stayed at the Caribe Island. I'm wondering about places to eat and shop. Are there restaurants around our resort we can walk to, any bars? I'm sure a lot has changed in 17 years!! Any info would be great and very helpful. Thank You!
Posted By: Debbie Styles

Re: Sunset beach resort - 02/01/18 01:27 PM

We always stay at Sunset Beach. There are several places to eat within walking distance. Lone Star is about a block south. Food is good and they have quite a variety on the menu. Also close by is Black Orchid. Excellent food but a bit more ambience, therefore, a bit pricier. New place within a 5 min walk north on the beach. Itís called Pirates Cove. Very cute and food was good. However, still trying to figure out the mechanics and service was SLOW! Marinís corner store has expanded and offers a lot of grocery options. We always rent a golf cart so we eat closer to town at some of our favorites often. We are at Sunset Beach right now. If you have any more questions I will be glad to help.
Posted By: Debbie Styles

Re: Sunset beach resort - 02/01/18 01:31 PM

By the way, which condo are you staying in? Iím an owner.
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: Sunset beach resort - 02/01/18 02:57 PM

Debbie says it best and thank you for the Black Orchid Restaurant mention....... To Northwoodsmomof2.... You are going to enjoy our quiet neighborhood with Sunset Beach Resort's beautiful grounds and sweeping Caribbean views you'll have a peaceful vacation that most people dream of.... We look forward to your visit.
Posted By: Northwoodsmomof2

Re: Sunset beach resort - 02/01/18 04:47 PM

Hi Debbie, we are staying staying in B1. Thanks for the info, We are so excited to get there!
Posted By: gsreimers

Re: Sunset beach resort - 02/01/18 08:41 PM

We stayed at Sunset Beach late March 2016 and I'm pretty sure we were in B1. It was an awesome trip. Debbie is right, the Black Orchid is a must. We got a chance to meet Judy Ann and had a wonderful evening. There is, very close to Sunset Beach, a small shop that sets up excursions. They took us (two couples) fishing on the reef up north and 2 stops for snorkeling. They cooked our catch on the beach for a great lunch and we had fish left over for the next days lunch. Pelican reef is a short walk south and we had drinks and lunch there one day by the pool. South a ways is also the sculpture garden place which was fun to see.

Have a great trip. We are coming back the first week of April and are staying up north for a change. Counting the days.
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