Deciding on AC? Help!

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Deciding on AC? Help! - 07/10/01 07:35 PM

Hello All. This message board has provided me with lots of information and advice. thank you! Well, I am seriously considering an extended "visit" of up to a year on AC! But I want to check it out first of I am spending a week in San Pedro starting August 5th. I know a week isn't very long...but what do you guys recommend i see/check out/people to meet in terms of making a decision. From reading this board..i don't want to have rose colored glasses..but get an idea of what life would really be like/costs etc. Thank you for any help/advice...maybe i will meet some of you when I am in town (seven seas).
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Re: Deciding on AC? Help! - 07/10/01 07:54 PM

We will be @ Seven Seas 8/6-8/13. Look over in the general chat area for a thread called "A Pirate Goes to AC". There are going to be a BUNCH of us there. You are welcome to join the party...SEE YOU THERE!!!
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Re: Deciding on AC? Help! - 07/10/01 07:57 PM

Hi I'm Bud and I lived just north of AC in Xcalac. When we ventured down to AC we would find things expensive. When you go bring the little everyday things you need so you don't have to pay twice as much there. I will be there from July 13-20 to visit my property an the north end of the island.. a area known as Palm Bay Club. This area has been slow to develop and hence the more pristine for nature lovers. None of the beaches are real pretty unless they are manicured daily. A lot of turtle grass floats up usually created by the mexicans digging for clams. I sold my place in MX and am now trying to decide if I have building another house left in my old bones.
At 65 you don't seem to have the stamina to deal with it. Maybe I'll just sell to someone younger that has the time and energy.
If you like the water and a laid back life you may be able to slow down to AC speed in 2 or 3 days, but the main thing to remember is they are at that speed and have been all their life. I have been visiting the island for over 25 years and have seen it change from a sleepy fishing/diving town to a tourist trap. It, however, beats the hell out of Cancun. The main question is "what do you expect and why are you going?
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Re: Deciding on AC? Help! - 07/11/01 04:08 AM

Bud--Are you still in Xcalac? Do you Know how they are coming along with dreging the old chanel. I spend the winter in Calderities and it is a problem getting a big boat though the river so we don't get to the ocean too often.
Thanks Dave
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