Official AC Lover's Rundown

Posted By: Treybo

Official AC Lover's Rundown - 07/16/01 08:19 PM

Hey AC Lovers!
I now understand you!
The Island and people were all wonderful.
Heres my quick summary:
Tradewinds Paradise Villas - WONDERFUL!
Jade Palace - MM MM Tasty and cheap
Rendevous - SOOOOO Gooood!!!!
Hustler Tours - Great Experience Great Prices.... Thanks Dave, Sharon, Avalee (too Cute!) and all the guys.
Blue Hole - Woaaaa! Sharks! major fun.
Half Moon Caye Wall - Top Nothc Diving...who needs more....does it get better?
Belikin - huh ummm! BELIKIN......WHOOO hooo!
Maruba Spa - GOtta Go Back!!!
All the palapas - Well I dont remember much ...ya know?
I will be back to paradise soon!
Any comments?
Posted By: silly

Re: Official AC Lover's Rundown - 07/16/01 08:22 PM

Did you forget THE PANTY RIPPERS???
How could you?
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