Concerned tourist

Posted By: Cigar Nana

Concerned tourist - 05/01/18 02:46 PM

We are coming to Ambergris Caye in a few weeks. Reading the local news has given us some concern. Are there areas that we should definitely avoid? Any tips on safety would be appreciated. We are two ladies on a sister trip.
Posted By: Gary N

Re: Concerned tourist - 05/01/18 04:52 PM

In general Ambergris Caye and San Pedro are safe as long as you use common sense and understand that this island is part a poor developing third world nation.
The island has a mix of locals, expats, and tourists. I am in the process of moving here now and I have not met an unfriendly person from any of the fore mentioned groups.
I have visited many places on the island but still have many areas to explore. I do not know where you plan stay during your visit, but if you limit your evening excursions to restaurants/bars or your hotel/resort areas, you will be fine. I would recommend not going out late at night at least until you become familiar with your area. Leave jewelry and expensive items at home or in your hotel. Do not carry a lot of cash and use you credit card or debit card where you can. Again, use common sense. In general, everyone is friendly but that does not mean that they will become your friend. Enjoy your visit to AC.
Posted By: Cigar Nana

Re: Concerned tourist - 05/01/18 06:38 PM

Thanks. Gary for the information. Common sense goes a long way.
Posted By: wespark42

Re: Concerned tourist - 05/19/18 07:54 PM

Hi CG,

We have been coming there for 15 years. I have found San Pedro to be as safe as the US. On top of being genuinely friendly, I think the locals actually watch out for the tourists, they know that any bad press adversely affects tourism.
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