Decisions, decisions, on lodging...

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Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/24/01 06:29 PM

We're a group of 3 traveling to Ambergris in late Feb/early March.

So far, what seems to look best to us are the Tropica, Banana Beach, and SunBreeze. I've been told that a pool is important since the beaches aren't the most swimmable, so that's one thing the 3 have in common.

Tropica advertises a great beach- is that so? A great beach would be a bonus.

One thing Banana Beach has going for it is the size and a fridge and micro, but is it far from town?

Also, we're planning to do most of the legwork to see what we want, but my traveling partners feel strongly about using a travel agent to tie it all together.

We're looking to spend 6 days/5nights in Ambergris and 4 days/3 nights in Cayo. We'd really like to do the cave tubing thing and Ian Anderson's and Banana Bank seem to be what we want. Any opinions on that? "real" people feedback is so important to us. If you stayed there- what did you enjoy most? What did you enjoy least?


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Re: Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/24/01 07:25 PM

We (wife and I) went to Belize in May for our anniversary and booked it through a travel agent (who booked it through GOGO Tours) and they were able to get a package (air, hotel, transfers, taxes) much cheaper than we could have been able to do if we arranged it ourselves. (Probably 30% less $ = more Belikins for me) We stayed at Ramons, which was more expensive than most places but it was only for a few days so we took the plunge. I dont regret staying there at all. Check a bunch of travel agencies, you'll probably be surprised at the savings you'll get. (I sound like I work for the Travel Agents' club of America)
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Re: Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/24/01 07:42 PM

I just returned from AC and stayed at Banana Beach. LOVED it and would definately recommend it. Sunbreeze is located right in town so it's convenient, but basically just a hotel room. Banana Beach has a kitcen/balcony and is very nice. I'd get an ocean front room - spectacular views. I booked directly through the hotel and they gave me a good rate - was off-season, but they were great about working with me. The walk into town is just over a mile, but a nice walk along the beach..i walked it twice a day most days and enjoyed it. If you're a diver...Amigos Del Mar is far & above the most professional outfit..Oh, and Cave Tubing is an adventure to say the least! Have a great time!!!!!
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Re: Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/24/01 07:49 PM

Many hotels give a discount if you book directly with them. Seven Seas did for us. Some have gotten burned by some travel agents, and would rather work with you personally. Just me, I would rather do my own research and get what's right for me. I booked our entire trip on my own and feel like I saved money and got exactly what I was expecting. I thought it was kind of fun too. Email these three places and ask if they discount for direct bookings.... Getting tickets was also cheaper. Went through What a bargain!!!! Best deals I was able to come up with. I even emailed a couple travel agents and asked if they could beat the price I was given, and they couldn't. I highly recommend it.
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Re: Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/24/01 09:12 PM

I highly recommend Ian's cave trip, it is great. And I have sent a lot of folks to Banana Bank and stayed myself numerous times and loved it. It is great to spend a few nights in the jungle, to hear the sounds at night, horseride through the jungle, explore ruins, etc. A great idea to spend some time on the island and a few nights in the jungle to see the other part of Belize.
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Re: Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/24/01 09:43 PM

Anyone care to venture any opinions as to doing the junngle portion first or last?
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Re: Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/24/01 10:08 PM

Do the jungle first! Then you can relax at AC...they are two very different experiences! You're so lucky to be going!
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Re: Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/24/01 10:23 PM

I personally would do the interior part first as it's more physically grueling (I was exhausted) and it's also hotter. I only spent one day cave tubing and exploring the rainforest. Had a great time, but was ready to get back out to the beach.
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Re: Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/24/01 10:31 PM

Do Cayo first, then AC to relax. We didn't go cave tubing but it sounds like fun. I would recommend a stop at the Belize Zoo, horseback riding in the jungle, and a trip to one of the ruins. We did all 3 and had a great time. You can do those things from AC but it's more expensive as you have to get to the mainland. Agree Amigos del Mar very good dive shop. One thing I enjoyed doing from AC was the trip to Lamanai with Daniel of Tanisha Tours-it was fantastic!

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Re: Decisions, decisions, on lodging... - 07/25/01 09:44 PM

I have done the jungle first then island and visa versa. My preference is the jungle first. You are more active in the jungle, it is hotter and it's great to kick back and swing in a hammock on the island and spending time climbing ruins, exploring caves, horseriding...
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