Please describe paths Up North

Posted By: Plunk

Please describe paths Up North - 07/25/01 11:58 PM

Could someone who's stayed at one of the resorts or condos on the north end please describe the land journey down to the "Hand Ferry" I see on one of the AC maps? Wide enough for golf carts? bikes? general condition of the path? And I would love to hear more about the Hand Ferry it still there and does it work? carry bikes?
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Re: Please describe paths Up North - 07/26/01 12:25 AM

The path up as far as Palapa is very good, there are then a few more holes so a bumpy but generally good ride up as far as Capricorn, and from there you can go along the beach upto Journey's End where the road ends. We haven't had too much rain so far so it is all passable by bike and golf cart.

One word of warning - golf carts are not really intended to go this far in one journey and so there is a high possibility you could breakdown. For this reason many of the golf cart rental companies discourage or prevent you going any further than Palapa or they will charge you to recover the vehicle.

The hand ferry is working fine - it takes pedestrians ($1BZ each way), bicycles (I can't remember the price) and golf carts ($5BZ each way)and it runs from 6.30 in the morning to 8pm at night.

Other than that there is the island ferry which stops at various points between town and Journey's End (pedestrians only) or you can take a water taxi.
Posted By: Karen Pasquariello

Re: Please describe paths Up North - 07/26/01 10:28 PM

If you travel north on that road take some repellant, I got eaten alive a few weeks ago.
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Re: Please describe paths Up North - 07/27/01 06:11 AM

Our house is North of Journey's End, and just before SunDiver. I was under the impression that golf carts could not come up that far... I was wrong. When I was there 2 weeks ago there was a golf cart just breezing along, and it had come from town. Matter of fact it was Estelle (you know, the restaurant of same name). I guess the problem is how long your battery will last.

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Re: Please describe paths Up North - 07/27/01 01:23 PM

Everyone told us that we could take our golfcart all the way to Capt. Morgan's. Boy, were they wrong! We tried, but the road was full of tree limbs and huge unpassable holes. It was raining while we were down there, so maybe it would be better if it were dry. Do not attempt it without a golf cart that has the big mud tires. We ended up parking our golf cart on the beach and walking up to Capt. Morgan's. It was quite a haul, but there are some pretty houses along the way.
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Re: Please describe paths Up North - 07/29/01 04:34 PM

one word!! MOSQUITOS!!!!

Re: Please describe paths Up North - 07/30/01 07:13 PM

No, three words:

Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Please describe paths Up North - 08/05/01 10:39 PM

Five words: All ya can eat Mosquitoes!
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: Please describe paths Up North - 08/05/01 10:43 PM

No, No... 6 words!
Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes, Mosquitoes,Mosquitoes and Mosquitoes!
Posted By: Cherie

Re: Please describe paths Up North - 08/06/01 06:25 AM

The road is extremely bumpy. Full of construction.. Very DUSTY. I was on the back of a cart and was so dusty the sun couldn't get through the layer of dirt. I wash off in Capt. M. spa as soon as I got there. My white shorts were a disater. Take the water taxi it is much prettier. Garbage all over the back way. Good Luck
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