St. Matt. Med School

Posted By: Big Frank

St. Matt. Med School - 07/26/01 04:55 PM

What is, as Paul Harvey would say, the of the story...about the closure of the school? Many people don't even know there is a med school in San Pedro. Recently there have been some cryptic posts about a seeming power struggle there concluding with cessation of classes. We have met some students in AC and also the [former] director of the school. Being in the med field we have a curiosity about the place--our pipedream of becoming a visiting professor seems over. The reason seems to lie somewhere between Greedheads developing the land[about 3km south of town] and administative incompetance. What's the real deal?
Posted By: Tinka

Re: St. Matt. Med School - 07/27/01 03:54 PM

OK.. the school is still very much here...they had a change of administration... don't ask me why..I will not give any food for any kind of roumors and since I don't know why I will not even tuch the subject.. but the school is till here and will continue to work as a med school with a new boeard of directors and some kind of supervisors to the board...

That's all I know..

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