accommodations in january for 4

Posted By: cigardoc

accommodations in january for 4 - 07/27/01 06:01 PM

i and 3 other adults are coming to belize in january. i have a meeting at ramon's but don't want to pay the big bucks to stay there. i understand it is over-priced. we are looking for something close by(town or south)that would provide two bedrooms, two baths and a pool. i have narrowed the search down to the palms, banyan bay, belize yacht club, seven seas and exotic caye. i want to stay at $250 or so/night if possible, which of course could eliminate a couple of my choices, unless i am persuaded otherwise. any suggestions?


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Re: accommodations in january for 4 - 07/27/01 06:34 PM

Check out the earlier post "Looking for 2 bedroom/2 bath condo" - or something like that. It should help. I don't think there are too many 2 bed/2 bath condos/hotels. Banyan Bay would probably suit you. Just a thought... When there in May I stayed at a beautiful 2 bed/2 bath house just north of San Pedro. You might contact Caye Management ( and see what they have to offer. Only drawback - no pool (at least where I stayed). IJ
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Re: accommodations in january for 4 - 07/27/01 07:22 PM

we*ve stayed at seven seas twice and love it, but while it has a really nice, private pool, there is only one bathroom and one bedroom. the sofa in the living room does make into a queen sized bed, but I don*t know if that would be a hassle for you or not. whereever you stay, have fun and drink a belikin for us all
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Re: accommodations in january for 4 - 07/27/01 08:25 PM

Two Rooms at the sunbreeze would be within your price range. It is close to Ramon's and has a nice pool.
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Re: accommodations in january for 4 - 07/28/01 05:21 AM

thanks to all. got some time to make a final decision, which, in my case, might take a bit longer than it should. i was really interested in the village residence until i started reading about it's demise?
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Re: accommodations in january for 4 - 07/30/01 10:33 PM


I have a 3 bedroom 2 bath unit at exotic caye that might be available that time. E-mail me at [email protected]
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Re: accommodations in january for 4 - 07/31/01 05:51 PM

Have you contacted GAZ Cooper about a room? He has very nice condos, 2Bed/2Bath. Very nice and fully equipped! Check out his website! He also has a dive shop on site! We stayed there in June and loved it! Give him a buz, he responds very quickly.
Have a good one! Ga Peaches wishin we were still there!
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