Two New Fire Engines for San Pedro, Station Upgrade

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Two New Fire Engines for San Pedro, Station Upgrade - 08/24/18 09:48 AM

The National Fire Service could definitely put to good use some funds from BNE but it is getting some charity from the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO). In early August, a massive fire in the Boca Del Rio area of San Pedro Town on Ambergris Caye leveled six homes and displaced 109 residents. It took the community to assist the Fire Service to get the inferno under control. The disaster raised questions about the readiness of the National Fire Service on the island that is built as a tourism hub for the country. Today, Minister of NEMO, Edmond Castro expressed some joy to report that San Pedro will get two trucks and the fire stations in other parts of the country, including San Pedro will be refurbished.

Edmond Castro, Minister of NEMO: “I am here to report today that we will be receiving two trucks for San Pedro. I think BTL is purchasing both trucks. One is coming from England the tanker one, the pretty red one is coming from England and the other 3,000 gallon water truck that will aid in the fight of the fire process will be coming from the US. Both trucks they already received their invoices so it’s just a matter for those equipment to be purchased, put on the ship and get here in Belize. The refurbishment of the fire station in Dangriga, the living quarters in San Pedro, the fire station in Independence has recently been repaired and we are trying our best to upgrade most of the facilities nationwide as it relates to making the firemen and women more comfortable. So we are trying our best from the fire department to put in our pound to make sure that they work very hard and they must be well rested and be there to fight fire. What we are doing is we are getting the quotes for some portable water pumps and we are getting the quotes from the Fire Chief that will go to the Ministry of Finance for us to purchase additional 3,000 gallon water trucks that will aid in the fighting of fire nationwide. We are looking at approximately six and ten water trucks with 3,000 gallon capacity. When you look at a 3,000 gallon capacity the current water trucks that we have most of them carry 300 gallons so we are looking at boosting the amount of water to fight fire by tenfold. So in addition to those we are purchasing some portable pumps and those will assist with those especially on the islands but wherever we need them throughout the country we should have enough that we be able to rotate to assist in the fighting of fire.”


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Re: Two New Fire Engines for San Pedro, Station Upgrade - 08/25/18 02:12 PM

This sounds very hopeful, fingers crossed that this is not just words
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Re: Two New Fire Engines for San Pedro, Station Upgrade - 08/30/18 10:51 AM

B.T.L. to Purchase 2 Fire Trucks for San Pedro Town

Earlier in the month a massive fire in San Pedro Town destroyed ten houses and left eighty-seven persons homeless. The fire which occurred in the Boca Del Rio Area of the island was deliberately set. The inferno started in one house and spread rapidly to the remaining structures, clearing an entire block. It took about three hours for the buildings to burn to the ground. Firefighters were not adequately equipped to fight a blaze of that magnitude.  Over the years, the fire department’s shortfalls have not gone without criticism but much of what the department needs has not been provided. In the wake of the recent fire in San Pedro Town, Belize Telemedia Limited has decided to donate two fire trucks to the island’s fire department.  According to B.T.L.’s C.E.O., Rochus Schreiber, the two fire trucks have been identified.

Rochus Schreiber, C.E.O., B.T.L.

“San Pedro is the driving engine for tourism in the country. It is also one of the most important areas and the first area where we started rolling out DigiNet, the fiber network. Last year we connect San Pedro via submarine fiber link to the mainland and to the rest of the world. So for us it was very concerning when we saw the tragedies which have unfolded recently regarding the fire. So after the first fire where there was a loss of life we approached the San Pedro Mayor and the Government asking how can we help? What can we do to help you to address these issues? Between the Mayor of San Pedro and the Fire Department, they identified their most urgent needs. Then together with them we worked out on how we help them to find those trucks, how to find the financing for those trucks and deliver them as quickly as possible to San Pedro. I don’t have exactly when the trucks will arrive but I know they have already been identified. We ready to pay for them as soon as they are ready to be shipped over to Belize.”

Hipolito Novelo

“These trucks are being bought from where, the cost of these two trucks?”

Rochus Schreiber

“The details of where they have been bought and the cost of the trucks is with the fire department and I do not want to go into that area but it is a significant investment that we are making into the safety and security of the people of  San Pedro.”

Schreiber expects the two fire trucks to be in San Pedro before Christmas.

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Re: Two New Fire Engines for San Pedro, Station Upgrade - 08/30/18 02:40 PM

So they are saying it is none of our business where the equipment came from or it's cost. Two more engines without adding the manpower to operate them and still do not address the water supply issue. Sounds like showboat stuff. I had rather see Central government make the upgrades and BTL can lower their rates if they have surplus to buy fire engines. 3,000 gallons is nothing fighting a wooden house on fire. If you need 500gpm to control a fire your 3,000 gallons runs out in 6 minutes. We need to get real with this fire situation. Castro has not a clue it seems and is willing to throw a politically appealing band-aid that will change nothing. We have professionals in the FD that know what the needs are much better than a politician but they are never heard from as their message is not palatable to the politicians.
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