Rules for electric bicycles

Posted By: Ecotrekker56

Rules for electric bicycles - 09/30/18 11:21 PM

My wife and I will be spending part of the year is San Pedro starting this January. I have been kicking around several modes of transportation and was wondering what the rules, laws, etc., were concerning electric assisted bicycles. Do they need to be registered or have a permit like a golf cart or motorcycle or are there no restrictions? Any help you can give will be appreciated...thanks
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Re: Rules for electric bicycles - 10/01/18 12:48 PM

I've had an e-bike for 2 years now on the island and I am not the only one. They are a great option for transportation on the island. I love mine and wished I had bought one sooner. They are considered bikes (no registration fees) here are long as they are REALLY e-bikes (defined by USA DOT as Class 1,2 or 3 with pedal assist). Not a moped with pedals for looks. While riding be considerate of pedestrians, traffic and stay within the speed limit. But that is the case with anyone on a bike, cart or ATV.

Have you considered how you will get your e-bikes here? Airlines will not ship them (batteries) and they are not available in country. Expect to pay up to 50% of the cost on shipping and duty. But I still considered it cost saving in the long run. Plus it is just fun to ride.
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Re: Rules for electric bicycles - 10/02/18 02:01 AM

Thank you for the info, Coleen. That is what I was hoping to hear. I have drivin on the roads there several times over the years and plan to be a good neighbor and member of the community while we are there. The only time I might have the need for speed is if I have to beat a storm back to our place.

I haven't researched the bikes too much. I did see there are conversion kits for the front or rear wheels that run from $150 to $450. Batteries and rack extra of course. That may be easier to get into the country. I am pretty good with mechanical things so I might by a bike there and change it over. Batteries are tricky but not impossible. You cannot take lithium ion in your checked baggage but you can take them in your carry-ons....depending on the amp hour rating. The ones I was looking at are sealed lead acid which can be taken in luggage with little problems. I will have to check the reviews for everything and make a final decision. I probably won't bring anything down this year. So I have a lot of time to check out all the options. Thanks again.

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Re: Rules for electric bicycles - 10/03/18 12:09 PM

There is a new business in town renting bikes with electric wheels. I haven't been by yet to check them out. It's in Boca del Rio beachside by Wayo's. You might stop by and rent a few and see how you like riding them around town. Good luck.
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Re: Rules for electric bicycles - 10/04/18 06:53 PM

that is perfect Colleen! I will check them out when we come down in January. that way I can see how my wife likes them and what is working well down there and what is not. wayo' that up near the Kmart but on the beach?
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