Retired but not tired

Posted By: Bernd

Retired but not tired - 08/13/01 11:20 PM

Hi everyone, especially to Lan Sluders, he don`t know me, I hope I can change it.
First, don`t laugh about my English..... I try my best.
In the past 6 weeks I rod almost every news at the AC board and everywhere, it has only to sound like Belize I open it. 98% I love, 2% not because......maybe later. I`m on my way BACK TO EARTH I retired myself 8 years ago(with 50) but age is only a number, I feel like 35/40 and I want to do something als. No more 5 star hotel,no more whith white shirt and binder, no more Mercedes and Rolex...... simple live, sunshine and moon, a nice Atlantic bezze, FUN !!! (If I like a cold beer at 10 AM I will drink it) some volunteer work to share my experience and at last bu not at least I will finish my autobiography. (The German are really grazy, they want to publish that!)
Question: Is this a place for me? I know, I know, it depend on..... but some insider information are always useful and my decision is already made.
Thank you for many respond,(hopefully)
Posted By: KC

Re: Retired but not tired - 08/13/01 11:46 PM

Don't worry about your English. You are close enough to understand what you mean, and that is fine.

The only way that you will know if Belize is for you is to go there and see for yourself. 99% of the people may love it, but you may be the 1% who does not. You will never know until you are THERE. Reading about it is not the same. I think that Ambergris Caye would be the ideal place to write, but that is just my opinion.

Take the leap. Go see for yourself!

Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Retired but not tired - 08/14/01 06:53 AM

Hi Bernd: I'm retired and spend considerable time in San Pedro. Been going the Belize since 1985. I love Belize and considering a future full-time residence in San Pedro. My advice would be book the monthly plan at the Hideaway Hotel so that you will have plenty of time of evaluate Belize. Plan maybe a side trip to the mainland, perhaps Cayo District, to get a since of the diversity Belize has to offer. I do not get any compensation at all from the Hideaway (scouts honor), but there is a good diverse group of locals, ex-pats and Texans there, and the monthly rates are "reasonable". Good luck. Bill
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Retired but not tired - 08/14/01 05:32 PM


I think the advice you've already gotten is good. Just come to Belize and spend some time poking around, and you'll quickly decide whether it's for you or not.

One other piece of advice I have is to travel around the country before settling in at any one place. San Pedro, for example, is great for what it is, a resort island, but it's only one tiny part of Belize. Corozal or PG for example are as different from San Pedro as night and day.

Persoanlly I'm a big fan of Corozal Town and environs as a place to live -- living costs are a third of what they are in San Pedro, or less. The weather is good -- less rain than in Atlanta -- crime isn't a major problem, and you're next door to Mexico for good medical care and inexpensive restaurants and shopping.

By the way, I just learned that my new book on living/retiring in Belize, Adapter Kit: Belize, is now shipping from and other major bookstores (even though I haven't even seen a copy yet!)

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Retired but not tired - 08/14/01 07:04 PM

I too am planning to retire in Belize where I hope to get back into the discipline of writing. My photography has been taking up all my free time while I am working.
I have visited San Pedro 4 times, but will not MOVE there until I have stayed for several months to see what it is REALLY like.
I plan to keep my home here. I have a room mate so the house will not sit empty but I can come and go as I please.
My motto is: You may need to close doors behind you, but don't lock them.
Harriette Fisher
Posted By: Bernd

Re: Retired but not tired - 08/14/01 10:06 PM

Thank you all of you so much, an other risen why Belize/AC is, the state is so smal, I can go easy to Guatemala and Mexico, I will travel around to find the right place but I think Kathy I`m always inside the 99%. The 1% you talking about they better stay at home and don`t like this too.It is funny Bill,I only mail 2 Hotel in AC to fix a agreement, one is the Hydeway so I belize you. (Scout honor)I have planty of time to go around and I will.
Lan, your new book ist publish only in english? By the way i know south america well,(business)vaccacion always in Germany/Spain /Italy ( I`m searching for this little "KICK" I got this Kick 1972 in Canaria Island but now it is like NEW YORK downtown.
Harriet, we have in Germany the same proverb:

Wenn du gehst,geh mit Gott, mach die Tuer zu aber vergiss den Schluessel nicht

(When you go, go with the Lord, close the dor but don`t forget the key)

I still have the key from Germany and the US and I will never let them go.
See you hopfully all,
Paece, take care yourself and each other
Posted By: munichchick

Re: Retired but not tired - 08/15/01 07:36 PM

Hallo Bernd! Ich bin auch aus Deutschland lebe aber schon seit 10 Jahren in Kalifornien. Ich glaube Dir wird Belize gefallen. Wir waren jetzt schon zwei mal und waeren beinahe hingezogen aber wir mussen noch eine Zeit lange arbeiten nachdem ich erst 34 bin. Wir werden naechsten Maerz wieder auf Urlaub in Belize sein. Schau Dir bitte auch Playa del Carmen an der Mexikanischen Karibik an da gefaellst uns auch super gut. Alles Gute fuer Deine Zukunft!
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