Fountain Blue

Posted By: B_b_f_b

Fountain Blue - 08/14/01 05:51 PM

Has anyone stayed at this resort yet? I know it just recently opened but I'm hoping somebody out there has stayed there and can give me a recommendation. Thanks.
Posted By: Cherie

Re: Fountain Blue - 08/14/01 06:35 PM

We didn't stay there but we went and checked out the prices.They were reasonable for such a nice place. It is very beautiful. It has a small pool. Very close to town. I would be happy there. Good Luck. C.
Posted By: Over_40_Pirate

Re: Fountain Blue - 08/14/01 06:38 PM

Saw it when I was walking down the beach and did not recognize it, as they are not on the internet I went in to ask who they were and to look at a room.

THE PLACE IS BEAUTIFUL! And they give a 15% discount right now if you stay more than 2 nights. The rooms are a one bedroon apt with a sleeper sofa in the LR so they sleep 4. Small kitchen with all the amenities, and get this...CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING! The place has a small pool and is centrally located in town for easy access to everything.

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Re: Fountain Blue - 08/14/01 06:42 PM

Thanks you two. Great info. Hark, I think I've found a place to stay in May. Look out AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: lmarquis

Re: Fountain Blue - 08/16/01 10:23 PM

I heard Kilimanjarowanker's ears are perking up already, Becky!
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Re: Fountain Blue - 08/16/01 10:24 PM

I can see him now, looking all innocent with his bad self. You gotta love him.
Posted By: Ken & Lynne

Re: Fountain Blue - 08/17/01 04:25 PM

Ken and I toured "Fountain Blue" when we were on AC in early May. We love cool buildings/architecture and were curious about this building. Since it was still under construction, we talked with the foreman and he gave us a tour. Wow! It was gorgeous! We were impressed. At that time, however, price info was not available. Will they be sold as condos? Good choice, Becky! Kilamanjaro...will approve! Lynne
Posted By: B_b_f_b

Re: Fountain Blue - 08/17/01 04:30 PM

Hey Ken, Hey Lynne, how are you? Thanks for the info. Please email me at [email protected] Want to talk to you two? Are you coming in May still?
Posted By: Brion

Re: Fountain Blue - 08/21/01 07:13 AM

Hi Becky, my girlfriend and I were given a a tour of the place three weeks ago. I agree with everything written thus far. All the rooms have some view of the beach and water. The BR's are smaller, the kitchen is small, but very functional, and central AC like someone else wrote. The bar was still under construction, but was supposed to be open "in a couple weeks." It is just on the south end of downtown San Pedro so it's easy to get to everything. It's where we'll be staying on our next trip...
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