Posted By: tazh2o

dinner - 11/20/18 04:47 PM

whos doing thanksgiving dinner on the island
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: dinner - 11/20/18 05:16 PM

Just about everywhere. I have seen ads for Elvi's Kitchen, El Fogon, most of the resorts restaurants. You will be spoiled for choice!
Posted By: bobcat bill

Re: dinner - 11/21/18 11:46 AM

I am dumping the turkey & going for Lobster & all the fixings.
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: dinner - 11/21/18 02:21 PM

Black Orchid has a few seat left for an 8:30 seating..... Check the link and then Feel free to call 206-2441 for availability. We will be offering the Turkey of the Sea (Lobster) for Christmas..... wink
Posted By: CrackOfDawn

Re: dinner - 11/27/18 04:14 AM

What’s up for Valentine’s Day Judyanne?
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: dinner - 11/27/18 01:32 PM

Hello Scott.... We will be offering a Valentine's Day Special.... We are also taking reservations and have a few seats still available. We will be offering our regular menu along with a Special Dinner for Two. It happens to be the last day of Lobster Season, therefore I'm hoping to get my hands on some Large Fresh Lobster Tails and Perfectly Aged Tri-Tip Beef. We will know better as the season continues. Give us a call Tue-Sat after 1p at 206-2441. Hope you can make it.... smile
Posted By: CrackOfDawn

Re: dinner - 11/27/18 06:48 PM

Hi Judyanne...... We’ll be there for sure 2/12-2/17 so Valentines Day will be a date night. Can you make a reservation for 2 for us? I’ll be staying at Sunbreeze Hotel again and have a golf cart so logistics are easy. But one little catch.....I got divorced a year ago and my now girlfriend is a vegan. No meat, no dairy, nothing. She can usually put something together on any menu just if y’all are gonna have a prix fare menu it could be interesting. Thanks tons

Posted By: Ecotrekker56

Re: dinner - 11/27/18 08:30 PM

is there any place down there were one could buy a turkey on SP or do you have to go to the mainland?
Posted By: NJG

Re: dinner - 11/28/18 11:47 PM

I would check with Green House on middle street.
Linos meet shop onmidfle street across from Pan Dulce bakery .
Last resort Island city had some in the freezer case .
Posted By: Ecotrekker56

Re: dinner - 11/30/18 04:30 PM

Thanks HJG...
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