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Posted By: brentjorisn

Essene Way - Ambergris Caye - 08/19/01 12:51 AM

Does anyone know anything about the Essene Way on Ambergris Caye? I would like to know about the condition of the property as well as what you believe it may be worth. Who are the current owners?
I would appreciate any useful info. I really like the people in the area and I would ideas how to better the local economy without being intrusive on the local way of life.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Essene Way - Ambergris Caye - 08/19/01 01:54 AM

So far as I know the owner is still Tom Ciola from Orlando. He told he once he invested US$7 million in the property, including what he paid for it and the renovations and building he did.

It is beginning to look a bit run-down now, but I would think most of it is still in pretty good basic condition.

As to what it is worth now, I have no idea. Some of the local real estate people probably have their ideas. Something in the several millions I would guess, though the value is basically predicated on what the U.S. economy does -- if the U.S. economy remains strong, the property is worth a lot. If it tanks, the property is worth very little. Ditto any property in Belize. There is almost no local market for property in Belize -- the only market for Belize property is from the U.S., and to far less degree from Canada, Taiwan and Europe.

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Re: Essene Way - Ambergris Caye - 08/19/01 08:26 AM

One question- are they selling.. I agree with Lan. and we go down 2 or 3 times a year... I heard it is a religious retreat for the troubled in his flock.. don't know just asking.. It is a very nice property, if you haven't been to the island you need to go and check out everything and do your research... Thanks, Rick
Posted By: Tom Ciola

Re: Essene Way - Ambergris Caye - 08/19/01 02:30 PM

I'm the director of the Essene Way and would like to answer your questions. We were hit very hard by hurricane Keith and are still in the process of making repairs. We lost our entire solar energy field of over 1200 solar panels. Our loses were immense.
We should be back in operation early in 2002. We are primarily a non-denomination religious resort for physical and spiritual renewal. We also assist families struck by tragedy. (See We are also in discussions right now with several medical groups to offer alternative cancer therapy treatments out of the Essene Way.
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