Tropica or Banana Beach?

Posted By: Gaelen

Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/21/01 01:36 AM

I've gotten such great info from this site, both from current topics and searching the archive, thanks to all!

I have a quick question -- I think we've narrowed down the choices for our March stay to either Banana Beach or Tropica Beach Resort. Tropica is a little pricier but that photo of the ocean-view pool is luring me in.
I've read great things about both places on this board, any opinions as to which is better?
We don't care about air conditioning or fancy amenities really, just want a place that's quiet, pretty, and comfortable. Thanks in advance!

Concord, CA
Posted By: Sassy2

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/21/01 02:31 AM

Both resorts are nice. Tropica Beach has a restaurant and no kitchen facilities. Banana Beach has no restaurant and rooms offer full kitchens.
Posted By: papashine

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/21/01 02:37 AM

They are both good choices, I do not think you will be dissapointed in either, the Island should be back in buisness very soon, tomorrow, this was just a scare, everyone handled it very well, it could have been a different story.
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/21/01 05:12 AM

In my opinion, there's really no comparison for anyone who's actually stayed at or visited both places -- Banana Beach by a mile. Suites at Banana Beach are two or three times larger than Tropica's rooms at around the same price or only a little more, and staff is friendlier and better. Not that Tropica is bad, but that Banana Beach is better. The only place where Tropica has it over Banana Beach is the pool. Banana Beach's pool is in the interior courtyard which makes it less appealing, and a bit chilly in winter. Banana Beach doesn't have a restaurant but several places, including Tropica, are within a short stroll.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: Nicki

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/21/01 01:49 PM

Definitely Banana Beach! You can't beat the wonderful staff there and the view from the ocean front suites is amazing.
Posted By: helmsman

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/21/01 02:25 PM

I'd go with BB too! We stayed there last year in March and I agree with all that's been said about facility and staff. Even if your idea of vacation is not cooking, it's great to have a kitchen available. We did breakfast and some lunches there (small Mom & Pop store right across the street, 2 larger grocery stores in town). You won't be disappointed with Banana Beach!
Posted By: brentwood3336

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/21/01 10:22 PM

Definitely BB. We stayed for a month and a half last winter and loved it! Lan Sluder is right that the courtyard pool is cooler, but it also offers some advantages. You can choose to sit in the shade at all times of the day to read around the pool, and the tradewinds do not seem to blow as much sand into the pool. We loved it. By the way, you can't beat the breakfast at Tropica -- just what a Caribbean restaurant should be!
Posted By: Gaelen

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/23/01 07:34 PM

Thanks for the input... even though I really, really would like to take advantage of Tropica's pool, I think we're going to stay at Banana Beach and spring for the Ocean View room. Everyone I talk to who's stayed there says it's great.

Concord, CA
Posted By: ScubaBear

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/23/01 09:55 PM

I wanted to stay at BB, but they have a 7 night minimum for xmas and we are only going to be there for 5 so we went with Tropica - Greg seems very nice [Linked Image]
Posted By: Scott

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/24/01 03:57 AM


In my opinion, The Palms is the best in San Pedro. Walk to everything... Large, well decorated apartments/suites... Great views... It's the best!! Check out their new website...

Posted By: seacucumbers

Re: Tropica or Banana Beach? - 08/26/01 07:47 PM

If you like live heavily rythmic punta music being appallingly played at above ground nuclear testing volumes right next to your room every Saturday night then choose Tropica. They can and do offer this "service" to their beleagured guests each weekend and sometimes on Wednesdays too.

Travel agents take note.
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