US dollars

Posted By: Travisk

US dollars - 01/01/19 07:33 PM

When bringing in US dollars has belize raised the allowable amount up to $10,000 US Or is it still at $5,000 US before having to declare it.?
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: US dollars - 01/02/19 12:18 PM

Pretty sure it's still $10,000 Bz.
Posted By: HollyGuacamole

Re: US dollars - 01/02/19 12:53 PM

Travelers arriving to Belize with $10,000.00 BZ or more in currency or equivalent , are obligated to declare the amount in the customs paper you are handed on the plane before arrival.
Posted By: Ecotrekker56

Re: US dollars - 01/02/19 04:28 PM

Take 9,900. 10k gets you flagged especially if you are flying international. ALSO have the bank receipt showing you took it from a legitimate bank. Do declare it. you will probably get stopped by TSA and the DEA will get involved. If you have documentation it came from legitimate sources you wont have a problem. If you do not have a receipt you will have a lot of questions to answer and if you are late for your flight you will have issues.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: US dollars - 01/02/19 05:12 PM

Pretty sure Guacamole asked about Belize dollars, not US. The amount Belize will let pass without declaring is under $10,000 Belize (5,000 US).

It makes me nuts to see US money, printed the US government, with value set by the US Government --- and have that same government discourage individuals from using it instead of plastic. ITS MONEY - we earn money we spend money - what the heck is wrong with having it in your pocket.
(Rhetorical question)
Posted By: CMNate

Re: US dollars - 01/06/19 07:08 PM

As far as I can remember, I do not recall any searches for currency at customs (particularly on ones person). There is no requirement that you have a receipt, particularly if you are following guidelines. May be others have had different experiences, but that is my experience.
Posted By: Ecotrekker56

Re: US dollars - 01/07/19 04:45 PM

I was talking about flying out of the US and going thru airport security with money. There is no "requirement" for a receipt but its to your advantage to have one. If TSA finds what they believe it over 10K USD, while it is not illegal to fly with large amounts of cash, they must notify local law enforcement and if the airport is large enough they will have DEA on site. They will most likely interview you about the money.....where you got it and what you are going to do with it. If they think your story doesn't cut it they have the authority to confiscate the money. You can get it back but its a pain in the butt. if you have a bank receipt it shows the money originated legitimately. usually customs ( here in the us anyways ) doesn't search a person unless they declare something or they have suspicion.
Posted By: CMNate

Re: US dollars - 01/16/19 01:41 PM

Actually, the amount has changed. It looked different from what I remembered on the immigration forms when I flew in this week, so I took a picture (and just looked at it again). It is $20,000BZ (or $10,000USD).
Posted By: Nickr

Re: US dollars - 01/16/19 03:54 PM

That is certainly good news as from what I have seen establishing an account with a local institution can take some time
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