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seagrass - 08/22/01 08:45 PM

I'm going to be at Banana Beach for the first weeks of September, but I've heard alot of conflicting reports about it on this message board. Some people make it sound like it's the worst thing on a beach since beached whales, and other people make it sound like it's no big deal. How bad IS it?

Does it make swimming impossible? Does it wrap around your ankles so bad that you can barely walk? Or is it just a very slight annoyance that will only bother you if you let it?

Any thoughts?
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Re: seagrass - 08/22/01 09:05 PM

This Seattle native just returned from a wonderful wake and bake to AC. The seagrass is no problema.
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Re: seagrass - 08/22/01 10:25 PM

We have just returned from 2 weeks in belize, 12 days in A/C. the beaches were clean, beautiful and very quiet. the water temp was 87degrees but the sea grass was a problem for us. Victoria house seemed to be the only property where you could snorkel in a small area off the beach. we stayed at Banyon Bay and had to take a boat out to snorkel. North of San Pedro at Jounrneys End people were taking kayaks out to the reef to snorkel. Our 12 year old wouldn't snorkel in the sea grass and it was $20 each time he went to the marine reserve and shark alley. The snorkelling off the beach was a big plus in our choice of A/C and Cozumel and Maui was better snorkelling. My husband said diving was better in Cozumel,and visibility was about 80 feeet in A/C
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Must be personal preference. Since there isn't a lot of structure (other than the piers) for sheltering wildlife right off the beach, might I suggest in the future to put on your mask and snorkel and cruise over the grass and keep your eyes open. You might just be very surprised at what you see. Likewise if you cruise that open stretch of beach north of the cut, or the southern stretches where nobody lives regularly. Flip over a few coconut husks. There is a lot of good stuff that just doesn't jump out at you, but is there if you look. Well, there may even be a few things that will jump out at you, but what the heck. To each his own.
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We went on our beach picnic I had a blast with the seagrass. Tons of crabs live in it, and as you walk through, they scurry about. Seagrass is better than regular tall grass - no mosquitos.
The only beach problem I had was on the secluded part of AC that didn't have resorts, there was a lot of trash washed up. But to me the seagrass is no problem.
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Ah the bothersome sea grass. Sea grass gives me the heebee geebees. I'm sure it has to do with almost drowning on a beach in Puerto Rico when I was a young girl. (sigh) Anyway, the sea grass did bother me the first few times I went in the water, but after that I became accustomed to it. You can see a lot of little fish and other interesting marine life just by swimming along the edges. The locals rake up any grass that gets left with the tides so the beaches stay relatively clean. We went swimming just off the dock at Seven Seas and I had no squimish reactions like I usually do. Most of the local children swim just off the beach and open dock areas so just grab some snorkel gear jump in and make it work.
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MANY resort have docks. Almost all of the docks I saw went out past the sea grass to water deep enough to avoid it. It was no problem at all. Many of these same resorts sink artificial reefs just off the end of the docks, so you can snorkel and see all kinds of cool stuff. The sea grass does not wrap around your ankles. It's not really long enough to do that. The above posts are also correct about there being really cool stuff in the sea grass. I've heard many reports of sea horses! Although I wasn't lucky enough to see one. When the fisherman come in and clean their fish, in some areas, the sting rays come right up to the shore to take advantage of the discarded "stuff". YOu can sit on the dock and watch them. They're beautiful. All in all, the sea grass should pose no problem. There are ways to avoid it.
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Re: seagrass - 08/23/01 07:25 PM

Thanks to everyone for their replies!
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