Dredging on lagoon channel to move water taxis

Posted By: Marty

Dredging on lagoon channel to move water taxis - 01/18/19 06:33 PM

SPTC starts dredging lagoon channel to relocate water taxi companies

After publicly expressing their disapproval of an alleged water taxi terminal in front of Ruby’s Hotel on Barrier Reef Drive, The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has acquired the services of a private company to dredge the lagoon-channel leading to the Sunset Boardwalk boat terminal. The project is expected to be complete in a few months, allowing a more accessible passage for boats, and thus the long-awaited relocation of the water taxi companies San Pedro Belize Express and Ocean Ferry. The Sunset Boardwalk boat terminal was officially opened in 2014, but it has not been fully utilized, because the water taxi companies claimed the terminal was inaccessible due to the shallow waters in the lagoon side.

Islanders objected to the introduction of the project before it was completed in 2014, stating during its public consultation stage that the lagoon was too shallow to accommodate large vessels and extensive dredging would have to be done. They instead suggested that Central Government use the funds to improve health services and construct a new government school on the island. They also recommended that the funds be used to improve the infrastructure in the San Mateo area instead of the proprosed terminal. However, Central Government ignored all objections and suggestions and proceeded to build the water taxi terminal. Several years after, the facility continues to be underused, and the deserted facilities are now showing signs of wear and neglect. Guerrero stated the SPTC is asking San Pedro Belize Express to remain at the Municipal Dock until the main terminal is ready.

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Re: Dredging on lagoon channel to move water taxis - 01/21/19 01:28 PM

We really need one terminal point and this is the one we have ....... it should be better for customers with one place for tickets and departures/arrivals. Plus better parking. Right now Front Street is relatively disabled by the traffic from SPBX. Cannot even imagine how much worse it would be if they moved to Ruby's. Yikes.
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