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Posted By: CarolinaBoy

El Pescador - 08/27/01 04:19 PM

I've really enjoyed reading all the posts! I'm coming to AC in November. Any thoughts on El Pescador. (Yes we like to fish)
Posted By: Denny Shane

Re: El Pescador - 08/27/01 04:40 PM

If you like to fish, then El Pescador is your place. You'll like it there....
Posted By: R9986

Re: El Pescador - 08/27/01 05:54 PM

Hey Carolinaboy.
El Pescador is defintiely the place to go if you are into fishing. They will go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable. I was there Aug 1 thru Aug 9 and am still raving about it. Their guides are top notch fishermen who have on average 15 years experience at guiding these waters.Fly fishing is the method of choice but any type will catch fish. If you need tips on casting, they have a new guy there named Jim. He is an incredible fly fisherman and is always willing to give you tips on casting technique. They have 2 fishing platforms on their dock that are great for practicing your technique.
Some other nice "things" are fishing rod holders in the rooms to make it easier to store your gear. They have everything you need at their office in case you forgot; line, flies, shirts etc. They even have spinning gear and the larger 11 and 12 weight flyrods to rent.
The resort was quite mellow when I was there but that is what I wanted. Thats why I went in the off season.
All the people are very pleasant and great to be around.
I was there and fished for 5 days and scheduled a tour through the resort for snorkeling and cave tubing(HIGHLY recommended) for the remaining days. They take care of all your needs including other guided tours, plane tickets to and from Belize City, and trips to San Pedro.
Tarpon and Bonefish were on our lines in no time. No real big Tarpon were brought to the boat but plenty of fighting. The Bones were quite plentiful and a wonderful fish to fight. Many other species to go for but I stayed with those 2.
If your main reason for going is fishing, then El Pescador is the place to be.

C ya
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: El Pescador - 08/28/01 05:14 AM

I was told the El Pescador folks are opening a new lodge down south, near Punta Negra. I haven't followed up on that though and don't know the details.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: R9986

Re: El Pescador - 08/28/01 05:56 PM

Lan Sluder,
You are correct, they are planning on opening "El Pescador South", although exact name of location I am not sure of. A resort much like the one North of San Pedro but will include more enticing events, off shore fishing is one of them. I know they are working on other items but that cannot be told as of yet. It will be in a remote area so other tours may be hard to come by. I believe they are doing that for a specific purpose.
Also, they are building El Pescador Villas next to the Northern site. They look real nice although they are still being constructed. I am sure they would be happy to discuss any items that people may have.
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