Securing Property Ownership - Getting Clear Title

Posted By: Problem Solver

Securing Property Ownership - Getting Clear Title - 02/25/19 11:21 PM

1. If I go to Ambergris Caye personally I can get a LAND CERTIFICATE by visiting which office in which city? Does anyone know? I can do it without a lawyer if I am there personally?

2. If I do not go to Ambergris Caye to get it done personally then who is the least expensive para-legal in Belize who can take care of it for me from afar? What do they charge?

3. Are there any areas of the island that are outside of the registered area and do not require a land certificate before a property can be sold? If so, what areas are outside the registered area?

4. Is it only a matter of time before all of Belize property will be required to be held using a land certificate before it can be sold?

5. If I am holding a deed of conveyance for my piece of property which is way up in northern Ambergris Caye, is that still recognized as a legal document and acceptable for selling my property?

Posted By: bywarren

Re: Securing Property Ownership - Getting Clear Title - 02/26/19 01:06 AM

Asking for legal advice on a message board is like asking a homeless person to recommend the best five star restaurant in town.🤔
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Securing Property Ownership - Getting Clear Title - 02/26/19 01:44 AM

The answer to some of those questions is yes, maybe, it depends and finally you should seriously consider using an attorney as they can be held accountable for their actions or inactions. When you are dealing with a valuable asset overseas I am not convinced that hiring the cheapest counsel is wise.
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