DONT FORGET...!! I need, I don`t need

Posted By: Bernd

DONT FORGET...!! I need, I don`t need - 09/01/01 11:34 PM

44 more days I`m heading down and stay for 6 month in a unknown Paradiese. If I moved from one to another place it is easy, don`t forget anything, but for 6 month? I think for a men it is not easy at all!!?? Can I take my PC with me? I really don`t like to work on my Notebook. A lot of more questions. What I need, what I don`t need I know the AC Community / Boardmember will help me out.Think mcjennyfer has the same problems.
Thanks Bernd
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: DONT FORGET...!! I need, I don`t need - 09/02/01 12:22 AM

If you're just coming by yourself, there's really very little other than personal effects you need to bring, other than lots of money. If you are a reader, you might bring a supply of books, as bookstores in Belize are almost non-existent and libraries are not exactly well stocked.

Unless you are setting up permanent or semi-permanent housekeeping, you can get most anything you want in San Pedro or Belize City (Belize City is cheaper for most everything, and the stores have a much broader selection.)

You can import your computer with no duty.

--Lan Sluder

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Posted By: Florian

Re: DONT FORGET...!! I need, I don`t need - 09/02/01 02:07 AM

If you are a diver and you use the 3-ring type binder, you need to bring pleanty of extra blank pages. There are none to be had on AC. I don't think there are any in Belize. I hate how my logbook is real neat for a couple of hundred dives then gets all 'cut and tape' in the middle of my trip to Belize.

On the trip down you will notice returning locals wearing several hats one on top of the other. Take the clue.

You will have the River Runner type sandals you bring with you, and only those.

ISP service in Belize is 'by the hour'. Like AOL was before the internet. Kiss unlimited internet access goodbye. All you need is your laptop for mail and such. You won't be playing any Quake III.

For six months, if it won't go in a suitcase, you probably won't need it.

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Posted By: diveron

Re: DONT FORGET...!! I need, I don`t need - 09/02/01 04:14 AM

Definatly bring a thermal mug!!!! and lots of cash!
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: DONT FORGET...!! I need, I don`t need - 09/02/01 04:07 PM

I brought my CPU with me and then got a monitor here (some kind soul gave me one). Although I didn't buy from him, Chris, at Island Internet retails hardware. Before leaving the U.S. I had considered cannibalizing my computer parts and having them reassembled in Belize in a new case, but opted to bring the whole thing intact. Fultec is a fairly decent computer place in Belize City.
If you're female, bring lots of underware, If you're plus size male or female there is no place to buy those sizes in SP, and I haven't seen them in BC either.
Good comfy sturdy sandles
If you bring a printer, bring TONS of inkjet cartridges and the special paper for it. They are about 300% higher here, IF you can get them for your model.
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