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FANTASTIC NEWS FOR BELIZE!!! - 09/10/01 07:38 PM

My husband just sent me this press release from his company. It is wonderful news. Thought I would share it with those who love Belize as much as I do...... [Linked Image] Debbie
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Re: FANTASTIC NEWS FOR BELIZE!!! - 09/10/01 07:43 PM

This is wonderful news. Thank you for the link.
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I don't see this as good deal for the people of Belize. I'll explain my point: This 'deal' has effectively removed the citizens' control of its most precious and VALUABLE resource-land. Land is true wealth. The groups involved are NGOs. I would not be surprised to see this end up where no Belizeans/others are permitted to go into these protected areas. People live out there! And they will be displaced eventually. Its a land-grab UN style. IMHO.
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I agree with PARADICE. While certain groups of environmentally conscious Americans and others may gain utility from this "transaction", it does little to help the average Belizean. There may be some external benefits to the tourism industry, but I am guessing that they negligible to the value lost to people of Belize.
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Re: FANTASTIC NEWS FOR BELIZE!!! - 09/10/01 09:49 PM

While on one hand this is good news for the country of Belize. However, I also wonder what provisions, if any, have been allocated for the people that already live in this protected area. Can they remain or must they re-locate?

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Preservation of crucial eco-systems is never a bad thing. These tropical rain forests give life to the planet, including the very oxygen that we all breathe. 75 percent of all medicines originate in rain forest. Eco-tourism is way more profitable, not to mention sustainable, than the export of tropical hardwoods. Hopefully, the Belizean government will find ways to help the (fairly small) population of that area to coexist, benefit, and profit from/with the needs of the environment. These last few pristine places on the planet harbor untold wonders, and should be preserved for the health, and enjoyment of all creatures - human and otherwise.
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