Kayaking to the Reef???

Posted By: Barefoot girl

Kayaking to the Reef??? - 09/26/01 07:08 PM

Hi everyone,
my husband and I will be at Ambergrise Caye from Oct.8 to Oct.16, less then 2 weeks to go. We have done alot of kayaking all over the bay here in San Diego and can't wait to do so while in Belize. I read somewhere, one can actually kayak to the reef and snorkle there. My question is, how long would it take to get to the reef, and where would we leave the kayaks while we snorkle? Am I just dreaming, or am I better off going on snorkling trips with a tour guide every time I get the urge to snorkle?( which will be every day I'll see that beautiful water...)Any tips or suggestions would be great.
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Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 09/26/01 07:11 PM

Hey Barefoot girl, where in San Diego? I am also in SD and am going to Belize less than a week after you get back. I would love to get a trip report from you. I am in Rancho PQ.

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Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 09/26/01 07:21 PM

Hi JoAnn,
great to hear you will be heading to AC as well. We live in Pacific Beach, not at all far from you. We'll definitely give you and others on the board a trip report, hopefully with pics.
I'm still a little scared of flying, but once our feet will touch the island sand, all will be well again. One word of advice, check with your airline if your flight is still on, we found out by watching the news they had changed our flights without giving notice.
Will this be your first trip to AC? It will be for me, my husband was there 8 years ago with the Royal Airforce. Can't wait to go.
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Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 09/26/01 07:43 PM

Hi Ursula, Thanks for the advice about airline schedule. I actually made my reservations last weekend but will be checking as the time comes closer. I am also a little scared of flying, but it will be worth it!

Yes, it is my first time there. CAN'T WAIT!!

I look forward to your report. JoAnn
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Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 09/26/01 07:57 PM

i am not a terrific kayaker, have only done it a few times. i do not know who does kayak trips to the reef. here is what i do know:

journeys end resort, on the north end of the island, does (or used to anyway) kayak trips thru the mangroves, and rents kayaks to go out to a bouy. there is a big rock with some coral & fishes around it. you just hop out & snorkel. it was maybe 20 minutes out there. the kayaks are free to guests of JER. get their website from the home page.

i have a few photos at: //
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Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 09/27/01 03:23 AM

Hey Barefoot Girl! We'll be on our first trip to AC from 10/12 through 10/20! Where are you staying? We'll be at Tropica...
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Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 09/27/01 03:40 AM

Hi guy's !! Was cruising the board and saw your post on kayaking. Here at Fido's Funsports we rent kayaks by the hour and 1\2 day. The reef is about 500 yds off the island and depending on the weather it takes about 10 min to get out there. As far as what to do with the kayak while your snorkeling.... well what I do is tie a rope to the kayak (provided by Fidos) and just tow it along the reef with me. They're lite and follow you along with little resistance in the water. I've seen some really cool stuff just bobbing around out there. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you plan your trip. We are also a Tropic air agent and can make your reservations from Belize City to San Pedro for you.

Tony and Yvonne
[email protected]
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Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 09/28/01 09:52 PM

Thanks for the great info. We'll be staying at the Victoria House and I know they rent out kayaks, but we'll check out Fido's for sure. Bet the half day rate will be cheaper than VC. I'm so excited, I can barely sleep at night now......
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 09/30/01 10:05 AM

Kayaking on the back Lagoon is just wonderful. Lots of Birds and mangrove areas back there. I believe that the dock at Rubies Hotel is the outfit that does the Lagoon Kayaking. I have seen people kayak out toward the reef, but I'm not sure if I've seen anyone snorkel from them there. I would say that I've seen lots of power boats running along inside the reef, causing some good size wakes.
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Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 10/02/01 01:43 AM

We are also from San Diego (Mission Hills) and will be in Ambergris the 1st week of November. Would love to hear about your trip and experience with the kayaks, I had some of the same questions.

Have fun.
Posted By: Barefoot girl

Re: Kayaking to the Reef??? - 10/02/01 06:48 PM

Thanks Bill for the input on kayaking and snorkling just inside the reef. Hope the boat traffic won't be too big of a hassle.
Duffa, we'll give you a trip report when we get back, I'm sure the AC report card will get all A's from us.
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