What's the word on Captain Morgans?

Posted By: KZAP

What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/03/01 03:00 AM

Spending 7 days in February on AC for the first time and booked at Captain Morgan's Retreat. What's the skinny? on Morgan's, AC in February and the best place for music.

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Re: What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/03/01 03:33 PM

Morgan's is just fantastic. with a terrific pool, great staff, and [so I've heard] v good food. The best place for music is from whereever songs drift out onto the street. Barefoot Iguana late and fido's earlier. The Palapa up near you on
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Re: What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/03/01 03:56 PM

Big Frank, Thank you for the review. The Palapa has been mentioned before. Did someone say there's a place to croon if you're inclined? Even karaoke bars sound great...This board has been great fun to read. Never been to the isle but I feel like i know it already.. It's the people!

Work out of my home and looking forward to being around folks with a passion for living.
Thank you all!
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Re: What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/03/01 05:47 PM

use that search function (above right). i have heard mixed reviews of capn m's. nothing recently, i don't think. but you will find much info there.

i heard that journey's end (where i stayed) now has a karaoke machine. it is north of capn m's and has a good dive shop and pretty beach.
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Re: What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/03/01 10:16 PM

directly above the oldest topic line.
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Re: What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/03/01 11:25 PM

Thanks! Took me awhile but I found it.
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Re: What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/03/01 11:41 PM

This hotel is located pretty far north of town. I have not stayed there but i have visited the grounds. Personnaly I prefer to be south of the cut because it can be a pain in the butt to travel to town. The pull ferry closes at...I'm not sure when...but once it is closed water taxis are your only option. The north side of the island has many beatiful homes, resturaunts and hotels, and is isolated and quiet.. If thats what you are looking for then the north is for you. If you like to come to town alot then I would reccomend something south. This board has a ton of info on hotels for any budget. Hope this helps!
Posted By: dedl

Re: What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/11/01 12:25 AM

Went in July...the rooms are nice (if you get one of the villa's). I got sick from the hot/cold in the rooms,the bedrooms upstairs at the villas is sheetrock, which holds in the cold air, but the living room is the thatched roof, which does not hold the cold air in at all. I loved being away from town, very quiet, which is what we wanted, but after three days of the food (VERY limited selection and not that great) we started going into town by water taxi, this got really expensive. The gocart path is horrible and they tell you not to take the carts down that far. It is a VERY bumpy trip. Having to do it all again, I would stay on the other side of the cut. Capricorn's (restaurant next door)is wonderful, but expensive...
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Re: What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/11/01 05:55 PM

Spent 10 days at Morgans earlier this year. We will not return. Being on the "bad" side of the cut was a mistake. Additionally, a VERY limited food selection coupled with a few other surprises made the stay at Morgans less pleasant than we expected.
Vacationing in AC in general, however, was the best decision we made. A GREAT place to relax and meet some really cool people. We are returning in Feb 2002. Might never do the "Cancun", "Cabo" stuff again. AC is MUCH more "tropical" and "real" than either of those places.
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Re: What's the word on Captain Morgans? - 10/11/01 09:18 PM

So bbnx where are you staying in Feb.??
We have reservations dec.29-jan5,2002 at basil jones the way it looks we will be on the beach and it won't be open.We are coming have tickets , may need a different place to stay.Family of 4 (17 boy 19 girl)with it being Holiday time we don't want to spend too much$$$ but need a nice place first time for 3 of us on the island.

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