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Iris - 10/06/01 10:51 PM

from Jesse, upon a exchange over Hurricans Iris:

Yup, already going NW and above our lat. and way out there.
According to Norman Eiley, our local "old man of the sea" we won't have any more storms. I like that, and him, so I'll believe him.


amen to that!
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Re: Iris - 10/07/01 10:45 AM

Ya have a witness, Brother Marty!
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Re: Iris - 10/07/01 04:54 PM

For a while the cloud pattern became a little ragged...but during the past hour or so...high resolution images are showing the development of an eye feature. This means that Iris could be strengthening as we speak. Once the circulation of Iris gets away from will be moving over the northwestern Caribbean where the upper oceanic heat content is very high. This... in combination with low shear...will provide a favorable environment for development. Historically... a large number of hurricanes have become major hurricanes in this region.
Iris continues to be steered by a strong and persistent mid-level ridge to the north. This pattern is not expected to change...keeping the hurricane on a general westward track through the forecast period.
Iris could reach eastern Yucatan or northern Belize as a major hurricane in about 36 to 48 hours

11am discussion sunday
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Re: Iris - 10/07/01 05:14 PM

That doesn't sound good...
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Arrrrr... Time to baton down the hatches maties. Just in case.
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here's my links: //
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tracking line continues to move south. gringolian cold front keeping the storm from going out the chute between cancun and cuba. looks like tomorrow will be batten down the hatches day. Its not the biggest one, so far, but it can gain strength as it comes over from jamaica.

it will traverse a large part of that tonight, and then tomorrow it will come the rest of the way and come ashore, probably late evening they predict. where it comes ashore? well they predict it right now for northern Belize, but its also quite possible that the cold front pushes her further south still. the trajectory curve has been dropping south continually for several days. honduras is being added to the watch area.

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Re: Iris - 10/08/01 12:59 AM

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