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Posted By: WillC

One last question - 10/19/01 03:54 PM

Thank you to all the AC veterans for the advice. One last question. There are a many posts about the beaches in AC. We're looking for something on the secluded side with a swimmable beach. Does it exist in AC, or is most of the swimming on the island from the docks.
Thanks again for the insight.

Re: One last question - 10/19/01 04:16 PM

Hummmmm. Secluded AND swimmable. Probably out of luck. There's some quiet beaches way, way up north, but the swimming will be iffy at best. The lagoon side can be pretty secluded, but the croc's kinda take the fun out of swimming I've been told. Looks like it's off the dock and into the water.
Posted By: WillC

Re: One last question - 10/19/01 05:17 PM

Crocs, really? Clearly, I'm cluesless on this place. Does anyone know anything about Captain Morgans?
I guess my "one last question" topic wasn't entirely accurate. Thanks, again!
Posted By: KC

Re: One last question - 10/19/01 05:39 PM

Will -- Or you can swim in a pool! [Linked Image]

Have you looked around on the "Lodging" section of this website? That might help you. Do a search (upper right hand corner) on this bulletin board for any specific lodging if you want feedback. Captain Morgan's location is secluded, but it *is* a resort -- may be lots of other people there. They have a pretty nice beach area, but the ocean there is the same ocean as others on AC. The way I see it, one of the things that makes AC so awesome is the reef. And the reef is the reason AC doesn't have beaches like cancun. The marine life on the reef needs that sea grass to spawn and grow the baby marine life. Also, no big rolling waves because of the reef. Inside the reef is more like a lake than an ocean.

Don't worry about asking "one last question". Ask all you like. You will get more helpful responses if you are specific about your needs/wants.

Kathy //
Posted By: cjd

Re: One last question - 10/19/01 09:48 PM

Yea there's crocks. Really big ones, but only on the lagoon side. Down by the Desalinization plant a couple miles south of town I saw some that were probably 10-12 feet long when I was there in May. I've read posts about dogs and cats missing shortly after being seen near the lagoon, but dont know of any human casualties. They probably wont bother you if you dont bother them. You wouldnt want to swim around the water plant anyway.
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