stone grill?

Posted By: Ecotrekker56

stone grill? - 02/01/20 05:07 AM

one of the vacationers at our place asked me if i knew of a restaurant where they cooked the food in front of of you on stone slabs like a Japanese hibachi. Many years ago we stayed at the Radisson Ft George in Bz City. The grill at the bar there had a stone grills but I haven't heard of one here on the island. Is there? And if so where is it at?
Posted By: Judyann H.

Re: stone grill? - 02/01/20 01:11 PM

Hello Ecotrekker..... I'm not sure of any place that formally cooks on stone in front of guests.... However, at Pineapples Restaurant in Ramon's Village they use to offer a cook-your-own meal served with a Hot Stone.... That might be as close as you can get..... You can check with them to find out if they still offer that on their menu....
Posted By: Ecotrekker56

Re: stone grill? - 02/01/20 06:01 PM

Thank you, Judy Ann. I will look into it.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: stone grill? - 02/04/20 01:58 AM

Does Pirates Treasure still do their 'Chef's Table?"
Posted By: Ecotrekker56

Re: stone grill? - 02/09/20 07:09 PM

that is the place....Chef's Table. It's north of the bridge.....going to have to try it.
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