blue hole?

Posted By: deannedra

blue hole? - 10/24/01 12:27 PM

is the trip worth it?i've heard its mostly neat scenery-stalagtites etc afew people talk about some bull and hammerhead sharks how often are these sitings,in 30 or so dives ive only seen sharks other than nurse sharks one time and they were cruising 40 feet below us,although the barracuda are neat one swam the whole dive about 12 inches from my wifes ear of course we didn't tell her till after the dive,they look mean but never have had them bother me even in the florida keys where its not unusual to come up in the middle of a school of 2-300 of those sharp tooth friends
Posted By: aqtpie2

Re: blue hole? - 10/24/01 01:49 PM

When I did the blue hole I was dead set against it. But the other divers in my group wanted to do it, so I joined in. I am so glad they made me go! I talk about it all the time, it was amazing! The sharks are there below you and the stalagtites are just amazing!

I would say go, it is defenitley and experience, plus the other dives that day are so worth the trip!!! Even to just do the other dives on that trip are worth the day trip! I would bet after diving it you would regert it if you missed it.
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