Public Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams

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Public Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams - 02/05/20 06:25 PM

Public Notice: The general public is invited to a Public Meeting to be held on Thursday, February 6th at the Angel Nunez Auditorium starting at 6PM. The meeting will serve as a forum for residents to voice their concerns on issues with the police. This is in an effort to foster better relations with islanders. In attendance will be the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams along with the Coastal Executive Officer, Superintendent Christopher Noble. There will be presentations and a session of questions and answers addressing any concerns from the residents.
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Re: Public Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams - 02/07/20 01:08 PM

I went to last night's meeting - it was really really good. Informative, positive energy and community agreement that the police have stepped up their game and gotten results.
Information highlights - more police officers are coming to the island. Community policing is working well. Crime on AC is significantly down. Drug peddlers will find their lives the subject of continued "harassment" until they go away.
One major concern was the effect of alcohol abuse on the community - whether domestic violence, neighborhood nuisances and/or dangerous driving/accidents. Billy Leslie from RRR noted that most of the calls for RRR assistance are alcohol related.
There was a brief and important presentation from Crimestoppers. If you are not comfortable reporting something to the police directly - CALL CRIMESTOPPERS. 922.
SP Sun and AC Today will likely have much more detailed reports on the meeting, so please read them when they come out.
Kudos to Com-Pol Chester Williams, to OC Chris Noble, to the police on the beat who are taking pride in their work and doing it well.
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Re: Public Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams - 02/08/20 12:00 PM

The Commissioner of Police has initiated a countrywide tour and is engaging the public in various municipalities. On Thursday night he was on Ambergris Caye where he met with key stakeholders in the tourism industry and the community. Among the main issues discussed were the reduction of crime on the island and the consumption of alcohol as one of the major causes of traffic related incidents. Our Island correspondent has the details.


ComPol: 2 Substations Needed for San Pedro

As part of the tour, a town hall session was held with residents and various stakeholders in San Pedro on February sixth. While the police department was lauded for its crime fighting efforts, ComPol says that San Pedro has expanded tremendously that there is a need to install two substations to the north and south of the island.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“We are looking at establishing a police substation north of San Pedro Town and one south of San Pedro Town. You know the island has grown significantly; it’s not like before where the people were centralized in one area. When you go north of San Pedro, it is almost like central San Pedro; it has developed significantly and it has become one of the most touristic parts of the island. And so where is a need for us to now decentralise in San Pedro. So if we put the booth north of San Pedro, we will have twenty-four hours police officers there. We want to have a checkpoint that will be able to look at persons who go over to the north because many of the major crimes that we have had in San Pedro occurred north Ambergris Caye. And so we need to see how we can put things in place to avert that. The police booth for the south…again south Ambergris Caye again has developed significantly so if it is that we can get those two police substations on the island, we want to be in a position where we can respond anywhere in the island within fifteen minutes.”

The goal is to have up to ninety officers attached to the San Pedro Police Station by the end of the year to staff the island. The next stop of the Commissioner’s Tour is the northern region comprising Corozal and Orange Walk districts.

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Re: Public Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams - 02/08/20 12:57 PM

It should be noted that the crimes referenced in the "north" of the island means REALLY up there in the north - Rocky Point and beyond. Not in the residential areas well south of that.
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Re: Public Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams - 02/09/20 01:06 PM

Except for the two golf carts full of tourists that were robbed just 12.5 miles north right before Christmas. And several other robberies that have taken place this past year 5-8 miles north of the bridge.

And YES the over consumption of alcohol is a problem.
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Re: Public Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams - 02/09/20 02:08 PM

A substation 8 miles north would be a good centralized area to think about, growth is happening up there
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Re: Public Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams - 02/10/20 12:40 AM

At the meeting, info and some details on intentions/plans for substations were discussed. One would be near the Secret Beach turnoff.

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Re: Public Meeting with Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams - 02/11/20 07:54 PM

Commissioner’s Country Tour reveals a 30% decrease in major crime in San Pedro Town

Commissioner of Police (ComPol) Chester Williams said that in the coming months, the local police formation will see additional police officers, security cameras will be installed in strategic areas around the island, and assured everyone at the meeting that police will continue working hard and enforcing the law for a safer Ambergris Caye. Williams was happy to announce that in 2019, major crime in San Pedro decreased by over 30%, something not seen in recent years. “We need to recognize the great work that Superintendent Noble has done on the island since he was posted here in July of 2019,” said Williams. “Moving forward, there will be challenges, but we should not make those challenges overtake us.” He explained some of the measures the police will take on the island to deter any illicit activities.

Williams stressed that vetting of such persons engaged in drug selling on the streets or along the beach with continue to be one of their main priorities. “We must ensure that these people do not operate in comfort,” he said. ComPol indicated that gangs and drug dealers tend to conduct their activities when allowed to do so. He stressed that their actions on the island will not be tolerated. ComPol Williams is looking forward to increasing the police manpower on the island to 100 by the end of 2021. According to Superintendent Noble, there are currently 73 officers assigned to Ambergris Caye, by June of this year, 19 more will be assigned. ComPol stated that those police officers assigned to the island who do not have a place to stay will receive a living allowance of around $850 monthly. He briefly mentioned that this has become necessary in order to avoid letting officers stay in hotels, which left the police department with a six-figure debt at Pedro’s Inn. ComPol promised that they will settle that controversial bill via installments.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun
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