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Posted By: rew2001

Places to stay - 10/26/01 06:12 PM

Hi, will spend my next holiday on the island.

Anyone know anything about Mayas Katut the Village residence? What are the rates an is it a nice clean place.

The Village Residence
1 Rieger St. P.O.Box 95, Ambergris Caye, Belize,


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Posted By: Mike and Daphne Ryan

Re: Places to stay - 10/26/01 07:50 PM

We enquired about docking fees when we were down there. The only place that seemed available for transients was the Belize "Yacht Club", not actually a yacht club by any means.

The fees were high.

But why not just achor out like everybody else? You're behind the reef, there's no real sea, and no swell at all. If your ground tackle is any good AT ALL, your going to be fine. It's a short row to town (hell you can swim half way and walk the rest), there's not much in the way of big wind shifts.

When we sail down, that's definitely what we will do.

Good luck.

Mike Ryan
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Places to stay - 10/26/01 07:59 PM

Don't believe Maya Katuts/The Village is really in the hotel business anymore. At least, not in any way I can figure.

Just about all the hotels on the island have some kind of presence here on Marty's site -- listing, ads, electronic brochures. That will give you the basics. You can also search this message board for candid comments about particular hotels.

--Lan Sluder
Belize First
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Re: Places to stay - 10/26/01 08:46 PM

for better help, you would need to be more specific about a few details, like how much would you like to pay/night or if you want in town or out of town, or a party or peace n quiet, do you like to dive or fish, etc. then we can help you.

hotels can range from <$50 a night to over $300 a night.
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