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Diving - 11/03/01 09:08 PM

Are there any larger boats used on dives. Have been looking on the web and either none are shown or the boats are small. Plan on a trip to the Blue Hole as well as a number of local dives. I'd like a larger boat but at small boat prices. Any suggestions as to who to dive with?
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Re: Diving - 11/03/01 09:18 PM

What's a large boat vs a small boat to you Fred? Sure there are a lot of six packs in San Pedro but those aren't what go to the Hole. Some of the boats that go out to the Hole have a head and some don't but they are all pretty fast and fairly comfortable. For example, Martin Leslie has a nice big fast boat with a head but he doesn't serve drinks on the trip home. His prices are the same as everyone else's though.

To you, what's a small boat price for a trip out to the Atolls?

You should also keep in mind, that if you dive a block of dives with one operator, you are more likely to be able to get a bit of a discount on any Atoll trips.
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Re: Diving - 11/03/01 11:12 PM

We just got back from AC on Halloween. We spent three weeks on the Island and went to the Blue Hole, Turneff Elbow, and a really cool trip up north that was a fishing and three tank combo. We did all of our diving with Barefoot Watersports on thier 43' dive boat. The boat is very stable, has a nice toilet, running water etc. Here is a link to them ask for Mike or Dawn they are the owners and can give you all the info you need. Have a great time and Dive Safe!!

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Re: Diving - 11/04/01 03:06 AM

I have to agree with Ron. I got back on 10/28 and dove with Barefoot the entire time I was there. The service was GREAT! They take care of your gear, set everything up for you, and their dive guide, Carlos, is FANTASTIC! Their dive boats all have platforms, so you can do a giant stride entry and a ladder so you can just walk right out of the water. Even their local dive boats have these. I will go with them every time I am on AC.

Also, I did not have to book the entire trip ahead of time, we took it day by day. And they will go out for a local dive with 2 divers.


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Re: Diving - 11/04/01 06:29 AM

And I will add that Carlos was a fantastic divemaster for my daughter's very first dive after being certified in the States. I was pretty apprehensive about it (my baby and all, ya know). Carlos was a lot of fun, but got very serious when it came time to do the pre-dive talk. I was impressed.

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